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[ProArt Display]How to run self-calibration on ProArt Display ?

ProArt Displays now boasts an innovative self-calibration feature for the embedded colorimeter.
The self-calibration is a standalone solution without any software and compatible with any operating system.
You can directly complete the color calibration and scheduled color calibration functions through the OSD operation of ProArt Display.
With this flexibility, you can achieve color consistency anytime and anywhere.


First,we can open OSD menu and select self-calibration function.


In Target,you can select to calibration your Display using single or multiple preset color mode to meet your requirements.

After calibration,Target will show when you calibrate your Display color mode:

Warm up

If you turn on Warm up function,before self calibration,your Display will display white screen 30 minute to warm up.

To optimize the calibration accuracy,it is suggested to warm up the display for 30 minutes.

Manual Execution

when you turn on manual execution,Display will start self calibration immediately.

Auto Execution

In auto Execution,first please adjust the time manually in the clock.


You can schedule the calibration time by Appiontment.


You can use Routine to decide whether to perform self calibration every day/every days/every fourteen days/every twenty-eight days.

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