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Nvidia RTX 2060 undetectable HDMI port in new A15

I am having big problems setting up an HTC Vive with my new A15 laptop
Nvida cant see the ASUS A15's HDMI port - it is messed up.

It appears my new ASUS laptop is causing Nvidia control panel confusion.
the laptop physically has a HDMI port, and a mini DP
I only have cables to connect the VIVE into the HDMI, and Nvidia can not see HDMI port
Nvidia thinks I have a large DP port available (that I don't)
so why does the Nvidia control panel not see the actual laptops available ports.

I have until Jul 20th to resolve this, or I will be returning this laptop to Best Buy because it is failing to setup with my peripherals I own.

What the heck it up with ASUS suppoprt chat - OMG they make that hard what a pain - not happy so far