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Star I
I have a bunch of slides and negatives I want to scan with my Epson Perfection V700 scanner. Some of the slides/negatives are pretty old and colors are off. Others are just not well exposed but they are important enough that I want to keep them. Others have some minor scratches, etc.
Considering the above, I would have to optimize settings for each slide/negative which is not only very time consuming but I also don't feel confident I will select the best options. So I wonder if it might be better to just scan at the scanners max settings (6400 dpi, 48-bit color) and not enable any unsharp mask, grain reduction, color restoration, backlight correction and dust removal. The only thing I would enable is DIGITAL ICE because that's actually something that only can be done during scanning. Then later on I can have Photoshop of some other program do batch processing to create (automatically) optimized images doing all those corrections. Then when I need something even better I can go back to the original image and manually tweak it.
Does that make sense or not? Also, besides DIGITAL ICE is there any other optimization (unsharp mask, etc) that should be performed during scanning rather than afterwards?

Star I
thanks Ngát Pro 😄