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asus rog ally owner "highly disappointed" slow rant...

Star I

it runs like a bat out of hell.

but the battery cant really keep up.
you gave us ONE usb port.... and a your own gpu dock connector...

now unless you sell me that connector at a discounted price.... so i can actually have a device that uses the port....

because there's nothing more intelligent than making it harder right? like Apple...

the controls are glitchy and constantly needs adjustment. 

it constant gets stuck during shutdown and empties it battery doing nothing while saying it's shutting down... till you force a off state... 

your communities are basically just full of doxers... discord being a good example.. 

and steam has made it impossible to play my collection because of their account restrictions.. that steam deck users dont seem to have a issue with.

keyboard input feels like taking a dump... it's annoying to use and layouts are lacking...


you can never read element because their 1080p / 720p and the scale is wrong and cannot be fixed without loads of problems with seeing elements or navigating them.


also the whole windows OS is blue... nothing else looks good... or matches..

heck i have tried to get the os to look good but it give up.. 

it feels cheap..


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lets be real you made a entire connector for a standard that already exists to connect gpu's? 

and now the onlt reason why i cant use any dock is greed?

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and dont say it's not greed.... it is...  it is greedy to force people to make something harder to find so you can sell me a dock...  a very very over priced dock.... that i can never use anywhere else?

are you mad in the head sir?

Star I

i am not exactly lining up for the next asus product... i think i will actually rather not...