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ASUS N580VD Power Button Broken

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So i have a N580VD Notebook (Asus Vivobook Pro 15) some months ago the keyboard had some problems, some keys won't be pressed, and sometimes it fixed itself for some times, but most of time it won't be pressed.
So i decided to bring it to the official service center and yeah it get fixed (i had to wait a week more), that time the waranty is still valid, and yeah the keyboard get back normally. But some weeks after using it, the keys back to the same problem and the broken keys are exactly the same like before, i don't know why, i used it normally, no water dropped on the notebook, and whatsoever, i used it normally. (I will tell about waranty at the end of this topic)
and guess what, now the POWER BUTTON now have the same problem with those keys , it won't be pressed and i have to keep my laptop on and never shut it down (only put it in sleep mode for like 2 months), and this morning when i wake it up, it stuck on blackscreen but the fan and the keyboard LED turned on, i was frustrated and worried it can't be powered up again. I decided to open the back case and remove the battery and plugged it in again, yeap the device won't powered up.
i tried to short some port on the motherboard which i have no idea it is the short or not, it still not powered up. until i connect paper clip on a soldered part that has + sign on it and connect it to other part beside of it then fire sparks out of it. the laptop still off, i almost gave up, but then i tried to connect it to the adapter and i see the keyboard LED flashes, then i pressed the power button, magically the laptop turned on, i'm very happy.
BUT, i still afraid it'll has more problem coming up like before or even worse, and i think i can't let my device keep on forever. i know that what i have to do is to replace the keyboard again, here we talk about the waranty, i'm not blaming the service center that they didn't replace my keyboard with the new part, but who knows, that time i didn't pay bcs of it still in waranty time, so there's a chance they didn't replace it right, maybe. Oh i still have to pay like IDR 750K (But for other problem, i also had my screen case cracked that time, thats why i decided to bring it to service center, i was about to let it be if there was only problem with my keyboard).
Well, if they replaced it with new part, why does my keyboard have the same problem again and the keys that broken are exactly the same like before it was replaced, does it have electricity problem or what ? i don't know. and here is the problem, if they replaced it the new part but still broken, i worry if i replace it with new one again, the problem will exact and i only waste money if it happen again.
i really confused, or it has other solution ? i only need my POWER BUTTON to work normally again, the other keys are not a big deal since i have external keyboard (The keys broken are F8, Right Arrow, Num 4, Num 5, Num 6, and Delete)
is it possible if i bring it to a technician to just solder some wire just to make a power button that's separated with the keyboard ? (btw, the integrated power button is basically a key on a the keyboard, just like other keys it uses membrane)
or does anyone have other solution that doesn't require me to bring it to a tech, maybe like combination of key to act like power button, a program to replace some key into power button, or maybe JUST OPEN THE LID TO POWER UP (unfortunately it's not available in the BIOS while some laptops from other manufacturer have this feature)

Please if you guys know some solution, tell me
Thanks in advance