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Asus 5z gets no network ,both sim not working

Star I
After the update to android 10 my Asus 5z showing no network in both sim,I tried my all ways, made reset more than 10 times,even hardreset done , my both sim cards are working in other Asus Zenfone max M1 pro,even other Sims are not working in my Asus 5z.
Please let me know the solution, even Asus company has close down the Asus Zenfone 5z Chat section,only Asus 6 is allowed,it's really bad that like Asus company is doing such things or might be a marketing strategy to buy new upcoming phones.

Star I
I have lost network to both the sim cards to my Asus Zenfone 5z, tried factory reset, network rest more than 10times? This is the worst phonr I hv come across in the last update the primary camera became blurry n now this, need a solution