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Applications/Games crashes upon launch and directs to the lockscreen

Star II
Hi ZenTalk Community,
Here's this weird bug somewhere in the firmware that causes some apps and games to crash instantly upon launch and I'm leaded all the way to the lock screen. It's annoying because no matter what, and even if I unlock the phone; the phone would resume to that app/game; locking the phone again; ultimately becoming a deadlock-loophole. The only workaround to get out from there that I've found is to pull-down the notifications/quick-access bar while on the lockscreen and tapping on the 'Settings'-cogwheel; which would ask you to unlock the phone and that will then lead you to the settings-app; which would allow you to close the app/game that's causing your phone to lock-up upon launching it everytime.
One more thing that I've noticed is that - the app/game seems to be running just fine when it's under a multi-window instance (although it MUST be on the upper-half; docking the app/game causes the same phone-lockup situation). Some apps/games work with this workaround, others don't. Ofcourse; not a thing to settle with.
Wouls be glad to have the issue resolved with the future updates, TeamASUS!

Star I
Try restarting your phone first and see if the problem still occurs, then try reinstalling the games.