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5z zenui 6.0 update and Android Q

Rising Star I
When 5z users will get zen ui 6
And also when Android Q stable will be released.
The current zen ui 5.0 has some bugs that I am facing after the lastest update
Like :- overlapping of the lock sreen time with the notification.
All ringtone does not work properly( major issue for my phone)
It decreases the volume in starting and then it increases volume to loud. It does not keep the volume sound low for the entire ringtone when there is no noise in the background.
So want a stable zen ui and I think it could be zen ui 6.0
So pls provide asap.


Community Legend II
AI Ringtone does not work in this way . It will Base on the noise levels to decide the starting point of the ringtone volume but we will still gradually increase it to the set volume level - so in case you are away from your phone you actually hear it!

The functionality is to allow the gradual raising of volume, not a constant low or constant high.

For the overlapping issue in lockscreen are you able to provide a screenshot here?


Rising Star I
Thanks for that quick reply
Then my Al ringtone is working properly
Here is the screenshot for overlapping issue
Pls fix this
This is very annoying.

Rising Star I
Also pls tell wheather we are getting zenui 6 update??
And if u know the month then pls tell that also
Thank u.