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Why is BIOS Flash is not proceeding as expected?

Star I
Reset OS: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Model: Zenbook UX360CA
Description: Why is BIOS Flash is not proceeding as expected?
Battery or AC: AC
System: Windows 10

I have Asus Zenbook UX360CA with BIOS version 300. Now Windows update is constantly reminding me to intall the new BIOS update so I put the BIOS update v303 in a FAT32 flash drive, went into the BIOS, resored defaults of the BIOS, launched Start Easy Flash from the BIOS, selected the correct BIOS flash in my flash drive and then confirmed "Yes" to install the update. But it always gets stuck here. Please look at the screenshot attached. I can go back to windows by power cycling. And every time to try to flash BIOS, this gets stuck right here. Please advice.

Zen Master I
did you downloaded proper bios firmware , i checked support page of UX360CA model and i found there are two model
one is UX360CA , its latest firmware is UX360CA-AS.303
other is UX360CAK , its latest firmware is UX360CAK-AS.313
copy the correct firmware file tothe root of the pendrive , not to the folder ,
go to bios , first reset the bios settings to default , save and exit , then go to bios , now use advanced flash utility in bios , use that tool , browse to file , then click ok .
Record a video though phone , and upload to youtube , then paste the link here