Let's talk about asus rog phone 2 after Android 10..

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So, i bought asus rog 2 but I can't recommend to this anyone.

Hardware is awesome

But software sucks

Previously i had sony xperia, samsung and i have used oneplus phone..these phone have great software without any bug

Asus zenui sucks. Even developers doesn't care about it...they don't update their own apps

These are the problems with software

1. Contact and dialler Ui are garbage old fashined. Previously they had background image in dialler but they replace it with ugly color

2. Casting has no resolution option.

3. After A10 back button behaving like home button instead of going back it always go to home

4. Dual audio can be implemented for bluetooth 5.0

5. No customisation

6. Outdated asus app with 0 customisation

7. Display changes its color automatically

8. After A10 wakeup screen for new notifications problem. Its wakes phone at almost low brightness.

9. Boring lock screen doesn't support any widget

10. After a10 while playing music lock screen shows blurred album art

11. There is no wifi calling

Sorry to say but u should learn from samsung and one plus for software

If u guys wants to be in competition

I'm not gonna buy again asus for its software

Hope u will listen..




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    True story.

    Need to improve software

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    Surprise that the navigation bar become like that..

  • agree. they should learn from other phone manufacturers about softwares

  • I agree!! I've been beta testing A10 for ROG2 for a while now, but even the final doesn't have many new things!!

    There is no VoWiFi enabled too!!

    But I feel battery life is much better and animations are smother!

  • 1. Can you show me a new fashion dialer from any other brand so that even I get the knowledge about how a new one looks.

    3. Never happened to anyone even when we were beta testing till now no such issue has been reported by anyone.

    5. Can you elaborate.

    6. Which apps can you specify.

    7. Are you talking about the variation in colour when you are in low brightness vs high brightness.

    9. Which OEM has widget support for lockscreen ? Just asking because I have seen only custom roms suporting that feature as of now.

    10. That is the default android 10 behaviour as we were told while beta testing. As such it cannot be changed.

    I think we all came from zenUI for android 9 that we expected a lot from android 10 but we must also see that we were already told that most features of stock will be used and a lot of them lack customisation.

    Ex - gesture navigation in 9 was way better imo but it was their own implementation. This time around they chose to go with Google's own implementation that's the difference and I think that's the reason people are not gonna like this new OS update.

  • Was very much excited to get this phone hands initially but I seriously regret due to its OS and bugs. Very limited customisation options dumb developers could learn something from MIUI, Samsung or Open plus. I'm seriously pissed of not using Full screen guestures navigation which just disappeared after update. I know it's by default disabled for 3rd party launcher but how did MIUI got it enabled for 3rd party launchers after 10 update... Pls grow up to stay in market I'm definitely not gonna buy asus for its OS and dev team

  • No video calling option for jio users, I used it on my moto z2play easily.

  • No video calling option for jio users, I used it on my moto z2play easily.

  • Only one indacat show on update option but no update file ...On ota update

  • I have been telling this in every Asus post of Facebook before the launch of ROG Phone 2. I am a Rog Phone 1 user. Phone sucks to the core. No other phone is this buggy and nobody listened to my comments before buying. I hope we create more awareness so that nobody buys the shitty phone.

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    1. I agree with you on this the contact/dialer thing, UI is indeed badly styled (the greyish color is meh)

    I hope they'll sort this out in Zen UI 7 as many have complained about the same

    2. Mention other OEMs who have this option?

    3. Weird it's not supposed to work like that either you're doing something wrong or it's a user specific bug I suggest a clean factory reset for you as only your facing this so called "bug" sometimes a simple thing as a restart can solve it too

    4.The feature is not required in the spec. Many modern output devices support this(headphones, speakers, etc), but I've rarely seen a phone support it. It needs to be coded in the os and only phones that have this are the Samsung flagships

    5. I'll skip over this there are heck ton of customisations available!

    Audiowizard, optiflex,twin apps,game genie, Armory crate,ai ringtone,smart screen + more

    There's everything you'll need right there

    And want to try accents ? Just use themes it works the same !

    + You can change qs tiles icon style too in dev settings

    6. Almost all Asus first party apps are updated regularly either through regular otas or a major android update ( android 10 has updated Armory crate and stuff) apps like the pixelmaster camera app, audiowizard,Asus launcher get updated often too.Just check the version number.

    7.It's cos all Asus smartphones come with a display customisation mode known as "Splendid" it has a thing called auto color temperature if you don't like it changing display temp by itself just turn it off (btw it's an great app you can adjust the level of saturation and stuff)

    Tinkering with it can get you your desired level of display calibration.

    8. Do you have adaptive brightness turned on? What if it senses you're in a dim lit area hence the low brightness on startup?

    Anyways there's a slim chance of it being a software thing so yeah not a great deal

    9. What widgets do you want on the lockscreen?

    You can customise a little bit on the lockscreen tho (entering a text and stuff)

    No real issues here!

    10. That's a feature pal it's known as lockscreen blur art . Default aosp has it too it was integrated with android 10. Oneplus didn't implement it and got a bit of backslash from their users .

    I like that blur personally tho!

    11. Type this in your phone dialer :


    And check your network section it'll unlock the vo wifi calling section ( but I can't possibly confirm if it'll work on you carrier but it works on some of my pals phones so there's that)

    Asus is working to integrate it in stable firmware!

    Learning from samsung and oneplus for software?

    That's gotta be the shittiest thing I read in this entire post

    Especially samsung,they put a ton of bloatware in their phones !

    Oneplus doesn't have half the features the Rog does and somehow managed to fck up their android 10 update for their devices on a stock+ UI (three recalls Remember?)

    And I don't view a OEM highly which has had 3 major data breaches In 2 yrs ( one was a major one fricking bank accounts were leaked!)

    I'll tell you what your "precious" oneplus (OOS) can't do

    1. You require root for accessing the secondary lens in gcam

    2. Again 48 mp mode isn't available in gcam

    3. No quickswitch

    4.No google feed (they include a shitty thing like color os and stuff)

    5. You need root to add a simple thing as a font!

    Zen UI is highly customisable and yeah I agree it's not the most polished and refined UI out there but it's better than a shit ton of UI's out there

    You guys pushed Asus for the update,and here you got it

    If you would've waited a bit more it would've been more polished

    + It's the first stable based on android 10 , future OTAs will refine the UI and user experience more

    Asus has been great with both Rog/Zenfones this year

    Zenfones got A10 pretty early/ continue to be regularly updated cos they're easier to do so

    Rog is a complex device (gaming centric) you have ton of inhouse stuff like Armory crate,RGB , accesories,option of a stock and gaming UI so the frequency of update isn't as high or fast as let's say Zenfones

  • Gaand ka ilaag hai ganduo ka nai

    A10 on ROG 2

    Nav gesture works pretty fine . I personally like this gesture more as I had the same on Google pixel A10. Def not the best gesture nav but def smoother animation than the previous nav. The only disadvantage is that smooth animation does not equal to smooth transition between apps provided the app is not compatible.

    2. The dialer looks pretty fine.

    3. Though I have to agree when it comes accent color , icon shape developer options which do not work in case of rog 2 . But kinda works on a different Asus phone ( some Zenfone )

    4 . The display works pretty fine with red tint significantly reduced( I never go below 40 % so never an issue for me)

    5. I did see a slight dip in game performance. Few tweaks in hardcore tuning fixed that with max device temp being 37°,38°( before the tweaks temp was 35°)

    6. I've tested 120fps pubgm Chinese and I get insane frame rates of avg 115fps with the gameplay being smooth af

    7. Im starting to think this forums filled with butthurt op fanboys.

  • I agree with Jay Kunwar...

    Asus need to work on software improvements.

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    I saw these post at reddit. Is asus fixing these? Dang i was excited about A10 but now, I'm not anymore PLUS many says that after update, performance drop obviously. #rogphone2 #asus #android10

  • Sun be gandu...

    Gand me dard kyun ho rha hai tere...

    Mene sirf ek feedback diya hai

    Or sun oneplus use nhi krta me asus hi kr rha hu

    Jo use kr rha hu usi ka feedback dunga na...chutiye....

    Bc kilas to ese rhi hai jaise bc tujhe kuch bol diya ho...

    Butthurt people...

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    For me gestures work much better than before. Now I Swype and get results. Before I was swyping all over with mixed results, loosing a lot of time.

    Also I can finally use AOD. Before it was illuminating my room in the night like a lamp. Now it's as it should be.

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    @Anders_ASUS and other moderators. Please do something as this type of language isn't acceptable in a respectable and decent forum

  • People will find faults and complain about everything. They just can't appreciate anything. Samsung users will find faults in OneUI, oneplus users will find faults in OxygenOS. There's nothing like perfect. They wont appreciate what they have on their table and keep complaining. No doubt ROG 2 has issues but thats the same for other OEMs. So i dont understand why are u comparing asus with others? They all have their own faults and they are trying to fix them and so is Asus. My gestures work pretty fine. ZenUI is close to stock android and stock android apps are not as modern looking as other OEMs. There may not be as many software customizations as Oneplus or samsung but they also they dont have as many gaming customizations as Asus ROG 2. They are built for totally different purposes.


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