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  • why don't i see asus rog phone 2 on android 10

  • And they named it as a flagship device, i agree everything is good in terms of hardware, fancy stuffs, lightings blah blah but is it a real flagship?? The older phones than this of Asus got the A10 and this so called flagship is still fixing issues of android 9 pie like really, i wasn't expecting this when purchased this Rog Phone Over One plus 7. I regret the decision i made cause no matter how good hardware you use it has to be supported by good software too and this lacks there to get updates on time. My First and last asus device tbh.

  • But once they release A10 m pretty sure u ll be damn proud of ASUS

    And just for your information bro ROG is totally diffrent hardware than other regular premium smartphone in market out there and so ROG has lot of complicated mod supporting hardware which takes time to patch supportive software and so it takes time too, hope you understand n now beta testing from january is starting up soon so probably u ll be getting stable soon so its better if you give some time to ASUS to stablize new OS with complicated hardware to njy mostly a bugfree experience??

  • Atleast they should specify the timelines like other cheap competitors realme X2 wherein they mentioned complete timeline...here too it will be the same ....it is just that they have started a thread 6 months before! With regards to OnePlus nothing can beat them in terms of software update..their beta is also very much stable with close to zero bugs..here if one update is released to fix a bug another bug pops up.

  • Agree that a good hardware need a proper software support as well and Asus is kinda slow in that part BUT still I don't regret to have ROG 2 even after using a hell lot of other flagship devices and have jumped to Android from iPhone XS MAX with ROG 2 which is a very good decision for me... I got almost everything what i was looking in a device for me. Only thing matters is software part and Asus has to be very keen and sharp to be in market with other competitors like OP...

    maybe you not got what you were looking in your device with ROG 2, as every person jas its own taste and choices. OP is not like flagship killer anymore, they increasing price drastically equally to other FS devices and my last OP device was OnePlus 6T, which hopefully remain last forever. Cuz ROG 2 fulfilled my most requirements.

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    Let's stop complaining about things that are clearly outside of ones knowledge.

    Android updates since 8.0 are way simpler for OEMs/vendors. Project Treble made sure to create the HAL abstraction, so that the Android framework could proceed with limited to no impact.

    So, let's quit complaining about the amount of accessories, shall we? Or does one think Samsung has less accessories to test than Asus?

    Betas or no betas, software updates are expected as a service.

    Android 10 was officially released on September 2019, while the first beta was officially made available on March 2019. Plus, OEM's/Vendors have special channels with Google, where they have earlier access to builds, before the general public.

    Rog Phone II was launched on September 2019. Granted that Asus didn't have a final release (there's not such thing as stables nowadays in Agile development) before launching the phone, but the work that these OEMs have to do to certify their devices (at multiple levels) has to start quite early. Ideally even before the first beta is released to the public. Which doesn't look like the case here.

    Anyways... I couldn't care less since my phone does 99% of what I want with Android 9. Probably the major improvements, part of Android 10, that I would welcome in Rog Phone II would be:

    1. Project Mainline (done exactly to bypass OEMs like Asus that take months to release security patches...)
    2. Camera2 lib improvements (especially for GCam)
    3. Privacy changes for Apps

    Additionally, Asus has much to learn with other OEMs like OnePlus, Samsung, etc. where their beta programs are open to the entire community, and not just a handful of selected (in a unclear way) forum members. I guess that a bit of more focus on Customer Engagement wouldn't hurt. Believe me, it goes really far if one takes care of the community (look at NVIDIA with the Shield TV as an example).

    My 2 cents,


  • After airtel now jio launched vowifi service in 3 circles and still our phone does not support it...forget about vowifi native video call is not supported...have to install jio4gjoin app for video call...big let down by asus?

    Flagship phone but still basic telephony services not supported ??

  • I still don't get it. All the bashing and trash talking at the phone doesn't help get your message across. If you're unhappy with a device you made a decision and used your own money to buy, you can make that same decision to switch to another device. But if you so much love the device and will love to see some upgrades or features, then get at it the right way. Talk to one of the mods, voice your idea in a respectful manner and I so guarantee you, you will be heard. No need voicing your discontent with a device merely in it second model. There are many upgrades on the ROG phone 2 when compared to the first model but still it's a device in development and there is more to come. So please, if you're unhappy with your device and not ready to help it's development, then you can go ahead and make the switch to a device that offers all you seek for.

    PS: I can guarantee there is no device out there that will give us all the features we seek.

  • So much talk...refund my money I will surely buy a better one!

    It's not ₹1 or ₹2 we paid...we paid hefty ₹38k for flagship phone..

    Don't bring generation. Asus has other models but I doubt whether they have native video calling and vowifi. Calling is the basic purpose of a phone..

  • +1 ....

    switching device is ok but we won't get anything in resale for this rog 2, I'm also ready to switch if Asus refund my money ...

  • So how far has the bashing gotten you to? I can tell you ASUS is definitely working on the phone but your issues won't make them bulch from their priorities. Rather, come at someone respectfully and they just might give you a listening ear. You definitely saw the specs of the phone before making the huge splash of money you claim to have made. There are phones out there way more expensive than the ROG phone, and they still have their limitations. So spare me the hefty price you're talking about. Just admit it, ROG phone is better than most phones out there and it is still just in it's second model. Yes, there are features we all need to see but not all can be incorporated at once. As for video calling and VoWifi, i am in the US and i have no issues with that as my network provider (Google Fi) offers those features. So, you might want to check with your provider or whatever your case might be.

  • I guess US people were complaining about Volte not available... regarding rog 2 yes this is the best cheap phone out there in terms of hardware but in terms of software it's a big let down... coming didn't say it does not support the basic features such as native video calling or vowifi...even 2 years old phones support this...I believe rog 2 also supports in terms of hardware but again features not enabled through software...

  • Exactly, hardware it is pretty awesome. Software, we know it's a little lacking. But keep in mind, you cannot make a software for a device before making the hardware. You always develop the software to support all the specs of the hardware and i guarantee you if you contact ASUS right now, you will notice that's what they are working on. A software to support the specs of the hardware. Nevertheless, everyone might have an issue peculiar to them. For example, my gps doesn't work. I have contacted one of the mods and they intructed me on how to go about it. They are working on it but i won't bash at the company for i know that's a specific issue and not everyone.

  • Any news about android 10 yet?

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    Beta update delayed due to some critical bug.


  • See there is no specific date to it. Is android 9 not working for you kr something that you need 10 so badly ?

    Let the beta roll in you will hear about it in the tech news as well. So I would suggest sit back and relax and try to enjoy the beast on the current condition it is in. Cos there is more to it than just android updates.

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    Finally i got Android 10 BETA.

    Phone is downloading now 1090.83MB

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    Its finished but the phone feels very slow.

    A lot of Google Play updates also after the update.

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