ROG Phone 2 Bricked/ died but is detected by the pc when plugged in

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My ROG Phone 2 just up and died on me.

Model ROG Phone 2 global version

Firmware latest, not rooted.

While I was opening WhatsApp it just up and died.

If plugged in it doesn't show any signs of charging, tried up/ down volume button + power, still nothing.

Weirdly enough if you plug it in a pc the PC detects it.

Anyone have the same problem or have a fix?



  • @leemarkpo Sounds like a problem with your display. If you're lucky you can mirror the screen on an external display by using a USB-C to HDMI cable, or similar.

    If not, let it drain completely and then try to charge it. If the display is still unresponsive, your best bet is to contact a local ASUS service center.

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