Red tint issue at lower brightness.

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Whether the red tint problem will be solve?

Whether this is an issue or a feature??

I am facing this issue every time I use youtube, instagram or any other app where background color seems to be greyish at low brightness. The red tint seems to apper only at greyish part which is annoying as it already suffering from black crush problem. Due to these issues the experience of content consumption is worst. At this price range it is not acceptable. I bought this phone as I trusted asus.

Therefore, I hope that asus team will fix these problem as soon as possible. Some updates has lower the black crush issue but its still there. Please look into red tint issue also.

Thank you



  • Hi,

    The reddish display may sometime appear and we are currently tuning the display for best output.

    Can't comment if the reddish part will be decreased to Zero but will try to improve with every update.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Thanks for your response. I would say more on red tint issue. There are two types of dark mode in apps, one is completely black and the other is little dim which is greyish in colour. This red tint issue deals with greyish dark mode everywhere also i use dark mode most of the time. This happens in low brightness at about 20 to 30 % but above that display looks great.

    Red tint problem can be seen everywhere than black cursh issue. I cant use my phone at higher brightness level everytime. I request asus team to solve this problem completely. If this is a software problem then it must be resolved in next few updates but if its a hardware problem, then you should change its display as we have paid a lot not for the defective product. Please fix these issue completely🙏.


  • +1. The red tint is too obtrusive and the content consumption is indeed worst due to it. Too much money spent for a "mediocre" display. Although, 144Hz is a monster setting but the color rendering of the screen makes it a less than enjoyable experience during the night.

    Observable at a lower brightness and additionally, you guys should plan to fix the gamma coefficient in the display somehow, along with disabling the HW overlay causing this.

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    the minimum brightness of the screen is too high, and at night it is annoying and harmful. This has already been said here many times, but Asus does not seem to care much about the eye health of their customers .. The same was happening on the Asus Rog Phone 2, and I think they did not correct it, so I doubt they will correct it in the rog3 .. I do not understand why such a simple thing is not fixed. My old Samsung S9 was super comfortable to see at night. The rog3 between the red tint and brightness, for me, is very annoying.

  • If they are unable to fix these issue, that means they are selling defective product at higt cost. Then we only have last option to file a complain at consumer court.

    I have saved money from past 1.5 years so that i could buy a latest flagship phone. And i preferred asus rog 3 at the time of buying because of trust. But this device has so many issue and now i have a feeling that i have wasted my money.😔

  • Same here with me. They advertised ROG 3's display as "each display is carefully color-calibrated color to ensure a Delta-E value of less than 1, and there's support for HDR10+ content". Thats exactly what they say on their site. One would believe the display is great, after reading this and go to check youtube reviews to see if it is true. Of course all "million views" yoitubers are paid to say what they are told to, so there is zero mentioning of the red tint and the black crush.

  • Same goes for every other brand,they pay those YouTubers to say specific things,like Apple and Samsung,Xiaomi too,it's all being paid to not disclose the green tint on iPhones or advertising on xiaomis,Asus isnt the only company paying them,by your logic, every company is guilty

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    The red tint is not caused by the display itself anyway, indeed if you try open multitasking in youtube, for example, you will see the red gray instantly become a normal gray;)

    The Hdr10 quality of the display seems to come out only in youtube Hdr videos, but in all others contents, the quality is worse than my previous galaxy s7 that didn't even have the Hdr, I feel scammed by asus sincerely, considering what they wrote on their web site..

    And yes, after this I will never watch youtuber again, I will just buy a samsung;)

  • I also had s7edge before this device and this device doesn't stand a chance against display quality of s7edge but other than that this is a huge upgrade in terms of specs and as per asus they are trying to fix it so lets just wait , and remember they can only reduce the display problems but can never be gone so we have to live with it

    I am not in favour or anyone , i am just telling facts

    Lets just enjoy everything else , accepting the fact that its gonna stay forever

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