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I am trying to find an official response to see if this phone will release in USA, or if its limited to only ROG Phone 3?

I would suppose that if one is compatible, the other one should be as well but I can't find an official response

Can anyone elaborate?


  • Asus has provided MobileSyrup an official statement regarding why the smartphone series isn’t releasing here: “The ZF7 series do not fit the necessary 5G bands for North American 5G. While the 4G will work, we opted against launching a 5G ready/capable phone, without actual 5G support – as would have been the case for North America.”

    Read more at MobileSyrup.comAsus’ ZenFone 7 series not coming to Canada

  • I messages Asus on their website and got the following response, which would seem to imply a launch is planned at some point?

    Thank you for your interest in our products and services. I understand that you're looking to confirm when the ASUS Zenfone 7 will become available for purchase. Sorry to say, we too have not yet been informed of the official release date by the Marketing team. As the device still goes through the introductory phase, I do urge that you keep up to date with information from the ASUS news and edge up websites.

  • The logic or explanation from ASUS on this decision makes no sense based on the fact the ROG Phone 3, and it's 5G, is coming to North America. As already pointed out, one is able to work, so given the same processor, what could be the issue? Many people would be 100% happy with a 4G version of the ZenFone 7 in North America. Cut back the cost a bit and enable easier network compatibility.

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