[Clarified] ROG II Ultimate Band 71 and VoLTE T-Mobile?

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Will the ROG II Ultimate include Band 71? Its almost a requirement for T-Mobiles future network roll outs this coming year.

Also will there be support for T-Mobile VoLTE this time around?

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  • Hi

    Band 71 is unfortunately not supported - and the same with T-Mobile VoLTE.

    VoLTE generally requires the support and testing from the operator side as well and not something we can just reliably "enable".

  • Ouch. I was so excited to buy this phone and jump ship from Samsung. I'm glad someone finally asked this and actually got an answer though.

    Any plans on supporting all of T-Mobile's bands with the Ultimate edition? Or maybe a T-Mobile launch for that version? I really want to still get this, but unfortunately at its core it's still a phone and I don't think I'm willing to sacrifice network performance. If not, I hope that this is something Asus considers if there's a Rog Phone III. Hopefully that phone is still as amazing as this one too and has a headphone jack.

  • It may sound like a simple thing to "just make a t-mobile version" but generally that depends even more so on the operator - rather than purely on Asus.

  • Well, there's always hope for next year. Don't let me down Asus! I hope the Rog Phone 2 sells well in the US so we are in a better position for this in the future.

  • The US operator market is quite difficult.. esp. in the sense that each operator is quite different from the other, and specific band support is more common rather than exception.

    In contrast to , for example, Europe, where you basically can have one set of bands and cover more or less every market. As such, planning is much easier.

    We very much hope we will have better and better success in the US - and one day - full TMO support ;)

  • May i ask When will ROG PHONE 2 be released in USA?

  • ASUS is lying about Volte and operator side nonsense. I exchanged rog phone 1 with oneplus 7 pro which is not specified with operator volte compatible but volte works. So you lie because you can't do it? ASUS?

  • One plus 7 pro is carrier specific in most places which basically means they have tied up with specific network providers meanwhile Asus sells unlocked phones afaik which doesn't support all bands in US mainly

  • I had rog phone for 6 months and playing without volte was a pain in my bottom everytime i got a call. No more asus for me.

  • But what about the Ultimate Edition? I'm hoping that there are plans to add Band 71 and VoLTE to it before it comes out in the United States, especially since it's coming with improved network and charged at a premium price point.

    The competitor to the ROG Phone, the Razer Phone 2, which released last year supports Band 71 and VoLTE on T-Mobile even though the operator doesn't offer the phone in their stores. The ROG Phone II is a near perfect device that only suffers from missing these things.

    I hope it isn't too late to amend this for the Ultimate Edition. It's just one band and the Ultimate Edition hasn't been shipped out yet.

  • Hi

    It will be the same for Ultimate. We are lacking band 71 and VoLTE certification from operators in the US.

  • So the best gaming phone (in your opinion ofcourse) will fart while playing on LTE. I bought ROG 1 hoping you will solve this but now I'm glad I skipped ROG 2. Phone got the looks but useless without those options.

  • Will it be possible to update the phones when you guys do get the certification? It just feels like the phones will become obsolete really fast without these.

  • If we do get VoLTE with some carrier, then it will work after FOTA but band 71 will probably never be a reality for ROG Phone II

  • That's fine, I'm more concerned about VoLTE than I am with Band 71. Here's hoping that VoLTE will eventually be available for T-Mobile in an update.

  • This phone is DOA in the US without VoLTE support. AT&T will be killing off 3G next year meaning Non VoLTE phones may no longer work, Tmobile will also be killing some of their network to increase LTE meaning it will be harder or even impossible to make calls in a building.

    VoLTE needs to be added (its already on the phone just write T-Mobile and AT&T a check and get it certified) if not you are either going to have a lot of returns or a lot of bad reviews.

  • I am sorry for you but they don't care about bad reviews. People should look here before they plan to buy asus.

    It is sad, I got rid of rog 1 and done with asus but still upset about this. I like oneplus better. I enabled volte easy and have no problems. My provider does not support oneplus specifically but it works.

  • We're aware that 3G will go away with some carriers which do of course put more pressure on us to support their VoLTE but also puts pressure on those carriers to open up to more manufacturers. If they don't, then they will lose customers.

  • Asus needs to make more ads related to it's smartphones in USA. Huawei made ads on the US radio with catchy short songs when it tried to enter the US market (but failed). Almost nobody knows that Asus makes mobile smartphones in the US. I showed people the Zenfone 6 and people were impressed by the flip camera design. When they asked me what phone it was, they were blown away that it was an Asus phone. They thought that Asus only made desktops, motherboards, laptops. When my friends realized that I don't have WiFi-Calling/ VOLTE calling w/ T mobile, they were disappointed, and they're reluctant to buy the Asus phone because they heavily rely on WiFi-calling in buildings.

  • Sorry but excuse me? All USA carriers are ending 3G. Is ASUS really taking the stand that people would leave their carriers over the ROG Phone 2 VoLTE? Does Asus not understand that every US carrier requires VoLTE. This is not a want but a need for continued use of the phone. I truly am baffled by this statement as it seems zero research was placed into the US market.

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