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Release some sort of compiled libraries that we can implement in our open source A13 roms so we can still use airtriggers, speakers and such. If you can't release a proper phone after the rog3, then at least let us devs do it for ourselves.

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  • ehunt22ehunt22 Level 1
    edited November 14

    This is a very good point,

    if Rog 3 is not going to be officialy supported anymore, releasing data related to the phone for independent developers to work on and provide solutions would be good

    Especially with the fiasco on the rog 5, it would be a sign of good faith on behalf of Asus for customers to let independent developers take it forward, till a real usable phone is released in the future

    note that rog 6 also had issues and rog 6D is not available in all locations

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  • BPMBPM Level 3

    As much as I would like to get a newer ROG Phone, there have been several issues with both the 5 and 6/6D that the 3 didn't have. Build quality, etc.

    And on a personal note, the newer ROG Phones lack a feature I love about the 3: TwinView Dock support. I use this frequently, and not even including the accessory port on the newer phones to support the existing docks is seriously disappointing. Because of this alone, I'll be trying to hold onto the ROG Phone 3 as long as I can.

  • If I find time, I might be making a citra with twinview dock support. Just need some API documnetation from ASUS which apparently is asking a lot to hand over a PDF which they handed over to the asphalt team. 😅

  • Come on Asus, this is really important

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