Zenfone 9 disapointment.

I've had my Zenfone 9 for about 2 weeks now and this is what I've found. I had the Zenfone 8 and I liked it so much I thought the "9" would be a step up. To be honest it has disappointed me in some important areas that I've actually gone back to the "8".

Cons of the "9"

1) No FM radio.

2) No notification light.

3) The speakers are so much worse than the "8" it's unbelievable.

4) I've got 2 SIM cards, one is my main the other is out of area use and usually turned off.

Trouble is that when the phone is turned off and on again both cards become active again. This doesn't happen with the "8".

Yes, yes I understand these are unique bugs to myself and probably won't affect you.

I'm just trying to indicate some failings of the Zenfone 9.

I understand we all have our own opinions and these are mine.

Overall I would rate the "8" as the best phone ever despite it's not too bad battery life.

There you go.


  • 1) FM radio? Seriously? Download a radio app from play store.

    2) You have AOD, which is much better

    3) I haven't heard Z8, but Z9 speakers are great. It is hard to imagine how Z8 can be so much better. Maybe you have a defective unit?

    4) Luckily you don't need to turn off your phone for months, so this "issue" won't affect you much

  • 1.) agreed.

    2.) No, just No, Not everyone wants burn in on their screen or wants to swap out their phone, also power drain is much higher than a single notification LED.

    3.) From what I know the ZF9 should sound better if anything, so I think it's a bug or defect on OP's side.

    4.) Probably a software bug that can be fixed.

    With some software updates the phone should be better than the zf8, except for the notification LED, that one still blows my mind.

  • TonoTono Level 1

    I prefer to listen to my radio without internet and it's much easier to search for local stations.

    I actually tried to install the ASUS radio app on the phone but it won't load.

    Side by side with the same music the "8" is much better than the "9". A fuller, richer sound.

    The other things are not that important, I just wanted to bring it to the forum's attention.

    A positive is the new 888+ chipset, it's clearly an upgrade from the previous 888.

    I'm not bagging the "9" so don't blow your fuse.

  • 2) What are you on about? Yes, AOD consumers more power, but the rest? What burn in or device replacement? There is no burn in, the AOD moves quite frequently. And I'm not sure why would you be replacing your phone

  • 1) Doesn't affect me

    2) Slightly annoying indeed

    3) Not normal at all, the speakers on the ZF9 are much better than on my ZF8, if it's not the case you have a defect.

    4) Noticed that too, will surely get fixed with an OTA update

    Overall the ZF9 is in my experience significantly better, especially the battery life and smoothness. Can't complain too much

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