Dynamic refresh rate?

I notice that the dynamic refresh rate gives very contradictory results. It is almost always 90hz except when, for example, you open a browser app, then it is 60hz.  

Why is it not just like the Pixels always 60hz and 90hz at touch?


  • Sometimes some apps are locked to a certain framerate and it can't really be adjusted, we will look into it.

  • CurlevCurlev Level 1
    edited August 24

    But when I use 120 Hz mode all apps runs i 120 Hz. You can not force more than 60 Hz in auto mode?

    Either way, when I am not scrolling it should always be 60 Hz. And why cant the auto mode range between 60-120 Hz?

  • CrimisCrimis Level 2
    edited September 4

    Pixels and iPhones just go the the highest refresh rate on touch for a couple of seconds and then fall back to 60hz. It doesn't matter which app you are using of if you are just scrolling through the app drawer. Sounds like an easy and basic implementation? This is also considered the best implementation among most tech reviewers.

    It could also help with battery life, now most users probably have it locked to 90/120hz all the time.

    Maybe you can even do something like Auto 90hz and Auto 120hz to offer more choice for users.

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