Terrible audio equalization, any way to disable audio wizard?

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I have noticed that the audio wizard for some reason randomly decides to play with the equalizer to lower distortion or focus on a specific sound on the song, which ends up creating a mess.

I literally cannot manage to get it to sound properly through the entire song, because the audio wizard will try to though the entire song keep changing the balance to adapt, and it just ends up coming out as a complete shitfest. I have tried all 4 music modes and at this point i'm just looking for a way to disable the automatic equalization, let me deal myself with the distortion if it happens.

Its to the point i'm considering looking into rooting the phone and getting a custom rom when possible because this is terrible, it straight up makes the speakers go from sounding great to just sounding worse than any midrange garbage phone.

I really REALLY dont understand why you would make the audio equalizer not have an off option to just let us do what we want with it.



  • I have not noticed this at all. Listen to music for about an hour a day, no distortion.

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    I have been able to verify it. When I turn on the phone without pressing or changing the volume, the phone sounds "better" but the bass is excessive and eats up the rest of the sound. If we press the volume button, the equalizer should already be activated and the sound changes completely. They should adjust it and allow to disable the equalizer in future updates. Anyway, for me, the sound is not bad. I have opened a topic explaining this failure of the volume button, but I don't understand why no moderator answers... sometimes I think that they don't pay any attention to these forums...

  • Its not that there's no distortion, is that the equalizer is going overtime to prevent distortion and as a result, completly messes up how the song sounds. I'd rather have distortion and just have to lower the volume a bit than what the equalizer is doing.

  • Its the problem hes describing.


    Sadly this issue is not entirely the EQ, it's actually the fact that the rog6 is downgraded. Instead of having 2 amps to power each speaker and a 3rd one to power headphones seperatively you only get 1 amp for everything. This makes it so that the speakers cannot recieve enough power, the thing you see as "dynamic EQ" is nothing more than your amp not being able to produce enough power to play the frequencies.

    Here is a nice song to demonstrate the problem:

    Play this song at maximum volume, youll notice how it sounds very good at the beginning but the moment the baseline is coming in the sound will "swing" extremely hard because the amp struggles hard.

    There is no other fix than either sacrificing the little bass you have for a tinny sound or lower max volume.

  • I have noticed some issues afteral. Somtimes the phone freezes for a few seconds when I'm playing spotify and try to adjust the volume, then it keeps doing that, other times it works great. Sometimes spotify won't really play at all, keeps stuttering (on downloaded songs so no buffering).

  • Pretty sure its confirmed at this point that ASUS's attempt to fix the horrid speaker quality made the audiomaxx software buggy as hell.

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    Let's not be so drastic. The sound is not bad, it is more, I have already said several times that at least, for me, it is good, but I understand that there are many opinions for this. Some things need to be fixed, but I'm sure future updates will fix it. Comparing with Rog3, Rog6 sounds louder, and is heard with more stereo effect. Rog3 had a more "boom" effect that rog6 doesn't have, but for me, the sound of rog6 is good and very immersive. It is my opinion. It is true that it needs improvements, because there are many flaws, not only in the sound. For example, the Air triggers deactivate themselves (I have the flashlight and Xmode configured) and every so often it does not work and it is necessary to deactivate it and activate it again for it to work. Google services drain the battery a lot... slow charging not sure if it works well... anyway... it's a phone fresh out of the oven, the pro version hasn't been released yet. As long as they are not rog3 color banding related issues, I think all Rog6 bugs are solvable. Let's hope so.

  • Wrong, you can't fix the speakers beyond what was stock. It has a single amp, unless you can break the laws of physics it won't work, period.

    Also the Rog3 is significantly louder than the Rog6. Stock on the Rog3 the mids have been completely lowered, with simple EQ settings in audiomaxx it will be as loud as the Rog6 and if you break the limiter like I did the phone gets ridicolously loud, loudness is Rog2 but with bass.

    Also the fact you think ASUS will fix the Rog6 in the near future is amusing to say the least. Rog5 users will gladly remind you that their Rog5 has been released 1.5years ago and their phone is still buggy as fk.

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    Regarding the sound, having the two phones in front of me, I can guarantee that the sound is not bad. I say again that it is my opinion, and that this has many points of view. Honestly, I don't know the technical values ​​or how many amps or magnets each one has, I just rely on my sense of hearing. I think they will fix it, in general the phone works very well. When I bought the rog3, it also had small bugs that were fixed (except for the color bands). I trust that.. if not, I will not buy an Asus phone again. There is one thing that I do not like, the silence of the moderators in these forums. It gives the feeling that they do not care about the bugs that we expose here.

  • @Jesp.r

    Humor me and tell the guy that Rog5 bugs will be fixed, see his reaction after your post, then come again and claim ASUS will fix Rog6 bugs.

    Also I dare you to tell people like @waxy78611 that they will improve speaker over time. He will tell you very detailed how ASUS "improved" his Rog5 speakers.


    It lost to a fking Iphone 13 not even max. If you really think Rog3 and Rog6 are comparible in terms of sound, then I have bad news for you, because then the Rog3 is either full of gunk and speakers are blocked or something else is wrong. The rog3 and by extention the Rog5 are far better in terms of sound.

    At this point u're coping extremely hard.

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    @Danishblunt I do not intend to convince you that the sound of rog6 is good. I base my opinion on my experience, I repeat that this has multiple points of view, and my point of view is that the sound is not bad. I'm not trying to convince anyone, it's my opinion. I have both phones, and my rog3 is in perfect condition. Listening to an audio on YouTube is not the same as listening to it live, with the phone in front of you. I repeat again that it has errors, like the one I published about the volume button. That bug is solvable, but I don't know if they will fix it, we'll see it over time.

  • @Jesp.r

    It's unacceptable that a Gaming phone has worse than consumer grade speaker quality. That's my point, people should not be happy with downgrades, because if you accept sloppy seconds then the company will keep making downgrades and overcharge you because of brand. It's not like the Rog6 is cheaper, it's as expensive as the other Rog phones but with inferior hardware. If the price had been cut down, I could accept the downgrades but not like this. People like you are the sole reason companies like apple and samsung can do whatever the fk they want. You have no standards and people who have standards will suffer because of goofballs who seem to have way to much money to throw at subpar things. I'm passionate about the Rog phones because I know ASUS can do better, I know what they can produce, so everything I see misdesigned garbage I get infuriated because I know ASUS is being lazy.

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    Yes, it is clear that they can do better. Rog3 is proof of that. Since I bought my first rog phone (rog2) I have not bought another brand. I like Asus Rog I think as much as you, hehehe. I think the phone is fresh and still has a lot of room for improvement. What worries me the most is the silence of the mods... that makes me more nervous than any failure of the phone.

  • Rog 6 speakers are a DOWNGRADE from rog 5, even the rog 3. So much so that not only have I returned my rog 6 & never intend to buy it again, but I've even ordered new batteries for my rog 5 aswel as a new back panel as I'll be keeping my rog 5 until the rog 7 is released.

    Rog 6 is a major FLOP. Why pay a silly price tag for 165hz & a slightly "better" processor? Because that's all you're really getting.

  • New update rolled out with some audio optimizations.

    Not sure if it worse or better, so i would like to hear from everyone.

  • All Asus sites only have .97 yet, if there is a new one it may take 10-15 days for notification to all users.

    What firmware number did you update to?

  • .134

    It stated some audio optimizations, but no software tricks can emulate the lacking hardware.

  • Improved no that's for sure, but break it and never manage to make it as good as at the beginning, even after ten firmware, they are on top🙄

  • From what people reported this "optimization" broke it even further. @waxy78611 having really bad Rog5 flashbacks right about now.

  • Yeah it might be better or worse depends on the condition.

    I've noticed that it plays songs very well but after playing with the volume, or skipping songs, it will fight the volume with boosted highs and lower bass or some muddy mess.

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