Zenfone 9 flip??

I have just seen the spec's for the zenfone 9 Mini but no mention of the 9 flip .

I can't believe that Asus is dumping their flagship phone sooo has anybody come across any news on the zenfone 9 flip?


  • ktwktw Level 2

    I wouldn't be surprised if ASUS is dropping the flip camera mechanism. Newer leaks have said that there won't be a Zenfone 9 Flip this year, something that we've already heard from last month and the new leaked official trailer. But we'll see.

    Quite understandable -- The cost of maintaining the flip camera is probably too high for both the company and its customers. The current flip camera design has reached its limit (e.g. it'll be hard to upgrade to a bigger sensor or better stabilizer), and it's not generating enough sales for the company. The customers gain a full-screen display and flexible camera experience, but those come at the cost of no IP ratings and a higher risk of breaking the camera modules.

    I'm definitely not a fan of the hole-punch cutouts designs -- I hate them so much 😑 -- so if ASUS is not releasing Zenfone 9 Flip and if the ROG Phone 6 series will work with the US carriers, I personally will just switch to their new ROG phone lineup instead 🙁

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    ROG 6 use Sony IMX 766 sensor, a decent one (actually present in many devices, including the new Nothing Phone (1) ) , but there is no OIS and don't expect other results than only decent from this device in the video/photo area. At the other hand, ROG have a good cooling (and cool factor :)) ) , excelent audio, bigger battery , 2 USB C ports, audio jack port, big uninterrupted screen, but no microSD slot (for a gaming device probably not necessary)

    ROG 6 it is a damn good device, but is a gaming device. I will rather prefer a ZF device similar to ROG , with less performance in processor, and having a big screen, triple slot , a very good camera performance, a very good audio performance (and 3.5mm jack included :)) ) and so on.

    As a note: the incoming ZF9 have the gimbal performance and that's a big plus to the device. Sure, not only this , but (as for me) excepting the size, everything is fine. And about the size... well, there is a market for the compact devices and it is not related only to the people with small hands or for the ladies :)

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    Yeah I totally agree with you. I personally have tried every ROG phone on display (1, 2, 3, 5, 5s) while I was still in Taiwan -- their camera experience is just meh~ok level imo 🤔, definitely not the best. It sucks that ASUS never gives OIS to it the ROG phone lineup, but it's understandable 'cause that might make the Zenfone series less attractive to some.

    I can live with the top and bottom bezels on the ROG phones, but I just can't stand any forms of cutouts or notch that destroy the uniform look of the display lol... That's my top priority followed by processor performance and battery life, so yeah.

    Quite a number of people are also disappointed with the news that there's a high chance that ASUS won't release the FLIP model simply because they prefer a larger phone. I'm wondering if ASUS will release something like a ZF9 Pro with a 6.5~6.7-in display with a hole-punch cutout front-facing camera. There surely is a market for compact devices, but they should also continue to take care of customers who like larger phones 😛

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    Someone needs to start a petition to keep the flip phone

  • The reason behind the discontinuation of FLIP Camera from ASUS smartphone 👇
    You can visit the website by scanning the QR code.

    (Translate the page if require)

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    Cool. Interesting read.

    Just a quick highlight from this article about the "possibility of reviving the flip camera" question:

    ASUS has not commented on the possibility of future models with flip camera modules. If, in the future, there is another high-end tech that can be used (in developing the flip camera), it might be a different story. However, for now, the "revival" of flip camera models is very unlikely.

    (I'm just using my understanding of Japanese for the quick translation :p)

    This pretty much matches what we've seen/heard/expected so far. ASUS' development on the flip camera tech has most likely reached its current limit. For example, it's hard to fit in a larger sensor/better stabilizer, it's more fragile and vulnerable to damage, the camera module can heat up rather quickly, etc. It's the bottleneck in the flip camera experience, I believe.

    Based on the reviews/talks on Zenfone 9 by some Taiwanese reviewers, it also looks like ASUS is trying to limit the number of models it releases each year so that it can (1) move all its limited resources on just a few models and (2) focus on the compact phone market.

    Probably not a bad move considering the small size of ASUS' phone dev department 😓. I'm just a little sad that they ditched the full-screen experience completely :')

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    That makes two of us and sadly my goodbye to Asus phones

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