Poor quality of outgoing calls (voLTE, voWiFi) on ZENFONE 8; cutting words, robotic sound

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when I call via voLTE or voWiFi and someone picks up, the call sounds good, but after a while it starts to sound very bad. When I answer (even one word), it's ok again (listening to the interlocutor) for a while, and then the same... I barely can understand words.

Other users with ZF8 has same issues.

voLTE and voWiFi - the same issue. The signal is full... T-Mobile PL, and WiFi 600Mb/s.

I'm on latest release *.89



  • Mattias_ASUS pls help us.

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    I can confirm all of this. What can I add:

    • it happens no matter what version of Android we use (I even downgraded to Andoid 11 with clean image)
    • it happens when both phones using VoLTE - when my interlocutor uses 3G everythings works fine, despite im connecting using LTE, so that doesn't look like connection problem
    • it hapens also on VoWiFi
    • it happens only to Zenfone 8 - i know people with Realme and Samsung in the same carrier - their VoLTE works perfectly

    I think it's problem with some codec support on Zenfone 8. T-Mobile (and 3 of 4 big carriers in Poland) uses EVS SWB in VoLTE, while classic HD Voice in 3G calls uses AMR-WB.

    I checked on this site: WiFi Calling, VoLTE i EVS w Polsce (wificalling-volte.pl), there is Rog Phone 5 on supporting EVS list, but no Zenfone 8.

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    • You wrote:
    • "it happens when both phones using VoLTE - when my interlocutor uses 3G everythings works fine, despite im connecting using LTE, so that doesn't look like connection problem


    I'm facing the problem even when someone doesn't have voLTE - only on outgoing calls - incoming calls work perfect :(

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    Later I'll check incoming calls yet, and give information.

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    Yes, You're right, it happens only in outgoing calls, incoming are good.

  • I have been summoned!!

    Hello there @Cyslawo and @arielsajda! Hope you are having a good day!

    I will gather some info from this thread and the other you guys created and will send a rapport to our technicians.

    If you happen to find someone else with this issue please let me know :)

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    Cześć, jestem posiadaczem od ponad roku wersji MFD:2021.04. Odpukać do tej pory zero problemów oprócz tych rozmów, jestem w T-Mobile PL. Potwierdzam problemy z jakością rozmów. Dźwięk robota i ucinany daję się we znaki zwłaszcza gdy jest ważny telefon :/ Proszę również o wsparcie Asusa bo telefon będzie jeszcze lepszy dzięki wam... 😊

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    Here You are :)

  • arielsajdaarielsajda Level 2

    Any news? T-Mobile.pl just have answered me that on their side everything is prefectly fine.

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    Me too, other phones works perfectly.

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    Problem aktualnie jest u mnie z T-Mobile w regionie. Wyłączyłem VOLTE, testuję jeszcze WiFi Calling...

  • bobekos1bobekos1 Level 1

    Mój region Polska

  • Hey, any news? The issues are really disappointing :( I'm working a lot while calling on loudspeaker. I need data durring calls and but voLTE/voWiFi calls quality are unnaceptable and this echo on loudspeaker for listeners...

  • bobekos1bobekos1 Level 1

    Ja wyłączyłem obie te opcję bo już zgłupiałem... Czekam na ruch Asusa w naszym problemie 🤔

  • Sorry for the late reply, the team is working on it and we might eventually need some logs, but I'm waiting for more information to give you soon and will update as soon as I get more info.

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    Echoing is probably factory defect with microphones or something, i gave up and just say to everyone before turining hand mode that now huge echo will start and that they shouldn't worry about it, because I hear good what they say.

    VoLTE/VoWiFi bug is worst, because calls are completely ununderstandable. Of course it's still possible to use 3G calls, but it's 2022 year, T-Mobile is planning to turn off 3G infrastrutcture next year.

  • bobekos1bobekos1 Level 1

    Potwierdzam złą jakość rozmów. Wyłączyłem VOLTE i WiFi Calling w T-Mobile. Jest trochę lepiej ale to nie jest co oczekuję... :(

  • Echoing is also pain in the ass. I've made hardware tests and all of 3 microphones works fine. I'm almost sure that sensitivity of main microphone is set too high so it caches sound from near loudspeaker. Is it so hard to fix by software?

    Voice over data (LTE and WiFi) level of quality is also unacceptable.

  • Sorry to ask. What does it mean that you are working on it? Are you testing smth or talking about it or what? I'm not intending to sound rude but im loosing temper. It realy makes my ZF8 unusable in my live/work conditions. I'm thinking of getting rid of it. But the phone is so small... But i freaking hate it wth its disability to talk via data (outgoing calls) and this echo on listeners side... You are presenting ZF9 in a week but ZF8 is unable to makes its main role as a phone - comunicating verbally... I've moved beetween all of avialable networks in my country. In one of them 5G is not working (ZF8 does not suppert this specific 5G band - PLUS GSM) another two does not support voLTE at all (you've made it work for a while and then disabled after a few weeks ORANGE PL) so I've moved again to TMOBILE.PL and now this happens... 🤮

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