ROG Phone 5 NEW 18.0840.2201.229 UPDATE

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Has anyone updated to this latest firmware?

Any noticeable improvements?

Any changes/improvements to audio quality?

Finally, does anyone know where I can download this update from? Doesn't seem to be on the Asus website. If anyone has a download link that'd be great 🙌



  • Hi, I think you shouldn't be in a hurry to find this update, here is the exclusive 1st return of this firmware in the French section of Zentalk. You will note that I took to translate it into English :)

    Zentalk Rog 5 Language French

    Hello, I have a big problem with my rog phone 5 since the last update (18.0840.2201.226) it starts rebooting randomly when I use it, it often happens to me when I use opera GX but it happens also in other situations (Photo, navigation on the launcher among others) would it be possible to go back to the old version or a way to fix this bug?

  • For my part I have more than to hope that Asus does not force the update as for the .226 otherwise I will freak out.

    In the meantime I will disable Wifi and prohibit shifts by the mobile network

  • Hello, thanks for your replies. The firmware you have mentioned is the previous version. This one is brand new released a few hours ago & ends in .229

  • If any one tell in the update .229 any performance increases. because the update mentioned optimize for the performance.

  • As much for me, I read too quickly and didn't pay attention to the number because the user posted his message only this afternoon when it's been several weeks since the .226 was pushed by force.

  • Alright 👍 perhaps this update has fixed .226 issues

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    Wait for it... Don't go for manual update.

    Anyways Only 1 guy has recieved .229 update in our ROG 5 SCAM group and he didn't notice any issue.

  • Thanks ! Please let me know the feedback regarding audio quality 😊

  • What about system performance and throttle issue is it solved or not update it

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    He said system performance is really optimised and frame rate is stable, not dropping much.

    He hasn't tested it thoroughly.

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    Audio quality is fine since last update.

    Not that much when compared to 1st time unboxed phone.

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    Hold on guys ... Mixed reviews now

    One more person recived the new fw update and he said performance is not improved, cpu remains downclocked in both dynamic and x mode.

    First person was using customised hardcore settings (imported scenario profile)

    credit: @Sarkiri

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    Here are the results

    With .229 Update (X-Mode ON)

    1.30GHz to 1.42GHz below 40C

    And 1.20GHz (1190 MHz) above 40C

    With previous .210 Update (X-Mode On)

    1.42GHz below 40C

    And 1.08GHz above 40C

    With old firmware (X-Mode ON)

    2.84GHz below 45C

    And 2.38GHz above 45C

    So they didn't fix shit and only increased a few MHz and called it Optimized System Performance 😂

    It's unable to maintain 90 FPS in PUBG and mostly running the game at 50 to 70 FPS.

    Someone sue this shitty company, they are outright scamming us. If this is the performance I expected from this gaming phone I wouldn't have bought it. You advertised this as a gaming phone and improved performance over other gaming phones and this is what we get, the performance of a cheap android phone.

    Asus phones are fucking joke.

  • What I tested did not make me want to go to the performance test, it made me too angry.

    1- Asus considers this update to be high priority and important, so it is forced. So, if I don't unlock the bootloader or root, operations that block OTAs, the update will come back, so it's impossible to downgrade without losing the warranty.

    2- An application launched with Armory Create prevents the superposition of another application, this since .151

    - Main application in the foreground;

    -- parameter Armory Create ok

    -- hidden overlay application, unusable.

    - Layered secondary application configured with Armory Create and main application without Armory Create.

    -- The overlay application is displayed above the main application and is usable

    -- Armory Create setting is disabled

    3 - Charge PD / PPS and all chargers with the 2 Quick Charge + PD protocols

    -- Bug introduced with update .151, detected by other users at the beginning of January, confirmed by ASUS in February and promised correction.

    -- 210 nothing, 226 nothing, 229 nothing

    The turned off device also has this problem, which means it's the low level driver, which is even less reassuring

    4- Automatic change of 3g-4G-4G+-5G connectivity depending on mobile signal strength

    -- Loss of data when a strong 4G+ signal returns, Airplane mode Off-On or deactivate/reactivate the SIM card.

    We even come to doubt that the Google security updates are present

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    Point 4 is very irritating probelm which they didn't fix in any update.

    Now signal and speed drops even if I'm browsing or watching YouTube videos.

    At the time of gaming ping suddenly goes high and I've no other option in all these occasions than turning on-off Airplane mode.

    See 👆 this happened when i was typing 😡 @FunBike31

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    Check this thread ↓↓

  • PUBG cpu performance low and lag issue in close range fight please fix next update

  • Xmode performance bad bro

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