Firmware 18.0840.2111.200

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 5
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0840.2111.200
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Optimize système stability

Hoping that indeed this will improve the stability of the system and the outputs of regular applications.

Note that like .196, the description is in English on a French system. Rushing the output or lack of translator?


  • Great, it's reassuring

    Work Profile Setup has stopped working

    When restarting immediately after the update

    Update successful.

    New version of the system: RKQ1.201022.002.WWW_Phone-18.0840.2111.200-0.

    Botched work,

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    @FunBike31 The latest firmware is .196 ryt?....From where did .200 come it's not there in the Release notes too..

  • I'm still on .188

    Why they didn't send it to my device 🤔

  • Updates can take a long time to distribute on smartphones, for my part I got the .196 7 days after the 1st user seen here.

    And during these 7 days, I looked for the release notes on the main Asus sites, even in China, without finding them.

    At the moment the latest Firmware on Asus sites is .196, I confirm that I have .200 on my smartphone. Moreover, for the moment it seems to be going well, to be confirmed in the next few days


    This is not normal if you do not have root, no bootloader unlock and if it is not a tencent transformed into WW

    ask moderators

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    Waste phone's wifi is not working anymore after updating to .200 .wtf

  • Did you replace the motherboard before? How long have you use this phone?

  • When i was typing, an 'important system update' message appeared.

    Its .200 😳

    I'm getting the latest one besides .196

    Although my device doesn't have any Major issues till date like other members have reported.

    Sometimes walking out of home when i take out the phone from pocket, screen behaves abnormally. I use rog case provided in the box and tempered glass (xynity) as well.

    @ARP_ASUS is it normal device skipping an update?

  • I just now got the .200 patch. My wifi had stopped working yesterday almost a week after .196 update. I was hoping they fixed it with .200, but alas I was mistaken or very optimistic.

    Also saw something WW after the patch installation completed.

  • No such issues.

    Try resetting wifi settings and fresh login to the n/w

  • Hi,

    It is completely normal for the device to skip update. It usually don't happen. Anways if everythings working fine I don't see any issue here

  • Can you give me a preview of the new firmware pls. Does it stable yet.

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    This message on the .196 update also applies to the .200, there are the same issues as the screens already posted, no fixes for the bugs I already posted and a new bug after the update. 200 which concerns the professional profile.

    As a reminder "Work Profile Setup has stopped working"

    And as expected, the 2 applications which were in "Twin Apps" crashed on the 1st launch, on the 2nd launch one is launched but not the other, so I completely delete and reinstall.

    In summary.

    No correction of the bugs that I noticed previously and two new ones on the 1st restart.

    Several times a day com.qti.sla ....... crashes and now Armory create when you wake up (I restart (have) the phone to be quiet)

    The mobile data connection is cut after this bug com.qti .., airplane off / on to reset it.

    I had to reinstall RR3 again, I don't count anymore.

    The most important bug is still there, it concerns the charging of the phone (visually everything is normal but it does not charge the battery) with several types of non-Asus charger. (charger unknown because public service) but certainly QC4 + like one of mine.

    It is therefore mandatory to take the 65w charger as a precaution if you leave the house more than 12 hours

    Today I put the tel rog 5 back in its box, I am waiting for the delivery of the Moto G100 (the G200 does not have an SDCard and a jack3.5 otherwise I will have ordered it).

    For the Rog 5, I will take it out of the box for the next updates but I no longer believe it, I have the choice to resell it but it is not honest with the buyer and it remains an excellent phone, just put wrong by the incompetence of a service. The errors are unavoidable but the phone came out in March 2021, I bought it in July, there was a lot of firmware and for my part, I only saw additional problems.

    Here it is, everything is said, I will continue to follow Zentalk, certainly less often

  • I see, thank you very much, i think i will stick with the previous firmware for a long time if they keep increase more bug after the new updates.

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    Wifi not working after this update...

    (Was working fine immediately after the update. Later in the middle of a game - wifi suddenly got cut off - phone restarted automatically - then wifi didnt turn on after that)

    Do they have any official statement on this issue?

    Hardware or Software issue?

    Should we wait for another update? or visit service center?

    Will the issue get fixed if i do a factory reset?

    @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS

    Did get the logs as mentioned in several posts. The logs have several errors related to wifi.

    12-04 23:54:45.172  967  967 E [email protected]: Failed to access driver state control param No such file or directory, 2: No such file or directory

    12-04 23:54:45.173  967  967 E [email protected]: Failed to load WiFi driver

    12-04 23:54:45.173  967  967 E [email protected]: Failed to initialize firmware mode controller

    12-04 23:54:45.173  967  967 E [email protected]: Wifi HAL start failed

  • No link with the Firmware, you would have had it immediately after the 1st reboot of the update.

  • I have been using ROG 5 since April '21...but this latest update has screwed up my wifi.It just never turns on.

    P.S: I haven't got the motherboard replaced yet. Planning to visit the service center tomorrow.

  • After .200 update charging slowed and typing is also strucked

  • hello there, i would like to ask some questions, i have 18.0840.2111.199 version, and i got new motherboard after wifi stopped working, they called me to pickup my phone after repair, fingerprint sensor and air triggers was not working, i told them then and there. so they call me 2 days afterwards, and said it was some issues (forgot), then afterwards it was working perfectly. Then i got back home and i have stumbled upon a form saying wifi slow in rog 5, then i tested it and i was shocked to see wifi is indeed slower ever so slightly but it is there, latency of the new motherboard is 5 to 10 ms slower. i was wondering, was it the new motherboard or the software ( i compared it with asus 6z/zenfone 6 my old phone ). then i opened ROG 5 support download section hoping to update latest firmware to fix my issue. so.. now.. i didn't find my firmware version 18.0840.2111.199 in support form🤔(confused) can't find it in Google 🧐(what). what version is installed on my phone that is missing in asus form 🥴(super confused) I am hesitant to upgrade it to 18.0840.2111.200 version, if it didn't work then my phone is bricked. is there any other way to fix my wifi issue.

    and another thing i wanted ask is.

    i have downloaded app called Device Info, as you can see there is 23 sensors, if you can see there is magnetometer, two of em, one is uncalibrated and 3 more sensors duplicates with uncalibrated status. 🤯(ultra confused)

    hope you can give me some info🤕

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