Asus ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) Singapore Availability?

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May I know when Asus Zenfone 6 will be available for sales in Singapore? 
It's gonna be my next daily phone ?
Please come to Singapore! 



  • Hi

    We have yet to announce any launch plans for Singapore.

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    CH_ASUS said:

    We have yet to announce any launch plans for Singapore.

    We want in Singapore (Starhub carrier) by next year. PLEASE SEND US! WE ARE ASUS FANS! WE LOVE ASUS! In my opinion, ASUS is the BEST Innovative company in these recent years. Please send us the Asus dual screen pro and the zenfone 6 !
  • CH_ASUS said:

    We have yet to announce any launch plans for Singapore.


    Are there any launch plans for SG for this phone today? How much will it cost?
  • When and where to get adus zenfone 6 in Singapore

  • If Asus Singapore will launch the new asus zenfone 6 in Asus Store

  • Hi Asus,

    Just wondering, why you as an asian based Company did not think of focusing in releasing this phone is All ASIAN Market place first (especially south east ASIA)? We have been waiting for your phone since the release date.

    You are gonna to lose your customer fan base if you keep on neglecting your customers.

    Please Wake UP and start to ship it NOW

  • Thank you for your support @alwor but unfortunately it's not so easy. There are not enough phones to launch World Wide and we believe that the countries we already have launched our phone in, is the right strategy for us. You may disagree and we respect that but this was the choice we made.

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    thanks for the reply. But may i know why Asus ever bother to ask us to register for our interest like what you guys are doing right now for ROG 2? (

    If you never ask, you will never know how many people are interested. Below are one of the forums where people are interested in buying and they are shipping from other countries. (

    For me, one of the main deal breakers for purchasing outside of your launch countries is that ASUS does not support Global warranty for mobile devices. So, if you wanna delay the launch here, then please allow free Global warranty.

  • We wouldn't have that form for you to fill out if we weren't planning on launching in Singapore. Yes, it's coming! I can't say when just yet, we're going to announce that later, but it will be this year.

  • I been using Asus zenfone phone for 6 years . Asus Singapore should come out register of interest for zenfone6 2019 same like ROG2 which for people like me not playing game. Please keep us update for Asus zenfone6 new coming to Singapore.

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    This is really a joke... Started this thread since May 2019...

    If you did observed the VIEWS from this thread, it's hitting 3k soon! While other thread are only hitting 90 - 300 views range. This shows the INTEREST which Singaporean is waiting to purchase this phone! ? And most of the Singaporean would prefer getting a phone with local warranty...

    Its already been nearly 5 months and NO official launch of Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL in Singapore and Malaysia... ?

    Wasted such big opportunity and potential for such an affordable yet innovative phone... Used Zenfone 3 since its launch till today and really satisfied with its overall build. Are you telling your fans / customers to jump ship? ?‍♂️

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    Words of advise Asus, you better start to launch it soon before someone other company comes out with a better phone.

    It's not easy to gain the buyers interest especially for Singapore and Malaysia market. But once you start taking us for granted, we will be looking else where soon.

  • Of course you can always order the phone from internet, like amazon?just check that the rom is WW version, and also what kind of bands the phone support just that it is compatible with your carrier.

  • I hope you are aware that:

    1. ASUS does not support global warranty for their phones. (their history as phone maker is not that reliable yet plus even in some markets like India, their asus zenfone 6 encounters boot loop issue)
    2. Pricing from amazon /gearbest is slightly higher than the Recommended Retail Price. (For some reason, silver color is even more expensive)
    3. Shipping from other countries will have shipping tax. With the additional price range, zenfone 6 will no longer considered as budget phone, and there are other better phone options.
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    Sorry, I really want to say something but I haven't been able to get any information regarding a Malaysia launch

  • Many Asus zenfone phone fan waiting for zenfone 6 to launch in Singapore and Malaysia market. Hi Andres Asus can you give us a confirmation then Zenfone6 will be launch in Singapore before end of 2019. Else i will consider switch to Samsung phone if Zenfone6 not coming to Singapore .

  • Sorry, I can't comment :(

  • I should not have high expectation for Asus, I guess I will go back with one plus phones

  • New Huawei Phone Mate 30

    Announced on September.. Arrived on October.

    New Zenfone 6, announced on May . Arrival day, TBD (as of October).

    Joke of the year Asus.

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