how to withdraw from beta testing android 12

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Was wondering how do i withdraw from the program, so I can get rid of the system update prompts asking me to upgrade to the above.

I still have some issues with this phone since June, so I'd like to avoid even more possible issues from Android 12. Unless your experience with that is positive perhaps? And yes, I do have a backup of course.



  • 8. If you would like to quit this program, instead of rooting your phone by yourself, please reply this email or post a thread on, and moderator Laura_ASUS will provide downgrading file and SOP for you,

    ^^ If you mean this paragraph, then this is about something else. I have not installed the upgrade to 12 yet, but I keep receiving prompts for that (separate centered window), and my phone keeps displaying the update in the top dropdown bar.

  • okay, so withdrawing apparently takes a week when you send that email.

    now if i reset my phone, i will have Android12 by default. no way to get rid of forced update. i will have to install the source package with 11 if my phone ever decides to reset on its own......

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