Zenfone 8 bricked

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I purchased an international spec Zenfone 8 ZS590KS from ebay while in the US, delivered early June. I specifically wanted an international one, that was not yet available in the US, because I was moving to europe soon. It just bricked and won't respond to the normal button presses to reset it (power and volume). It appears to be a common issue with this phone. How can I get this fixed? Will asus Netherlands fix this under warranty for me? Can I get it fixed in the US either? If I have to, I can mail it to whatever country I need to, but the asus website won't tell me which country the serial number belongs to.


  • I tried registering a claim on the asus netherlands website and got this:

    • Please note that, according to the serial number, your device is not under warranty within the Benelux. A repair can therefore only be done for a fee.

    I believe the phone is actually from asia, as I purchased a european spec model in the USA before it was officially released. I want my phone to be fixed, please help me figure this out.

  • I tried registering a claim on the asus US website and got:

    Unfortunately, we cannot process your request. Currently, ASUS in the US and Canada cannot support products purchased out of country. Please try to return your product to the country or region of purchase for RMA.

  • This is a shame. Idk perhaps you should try and ask ebay for help? At least this is a globally acting company...

  • So is ASUS....why should ebay be held responsible?, ASUS should know by the serial number where the phone was built and advise where the repair should be done.

  • @Gustav_ASUS I saw that you assisted some other users with zenfone 8 issues, could you please help me?

  • No assistance was actually made, he will just ask for your rma number and thats it. Go directly contact your asus service center.

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