fix raw buffer resolution limitation

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Can you please fix raw buffer resolution limitation like you recently fixed on Rog Phone5?

Thank you


  • Yes please, this phone need that fix for more sells 😉

  • Good day,

    Please next update, can we have the buffer fix working? The rogphone has already :/

    Thanks you

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    Merged two threads, there is no need to create new threads.

    You might want to clarify what exactly you are requesting.

    There is no resolution limitation bug on ASUS camera.

  • What happen is gcam tried to use 64 mp raw buffer but it was limited by raw buffer resolution at 5488*4112 (around 22 MP) from usecase. This applied to every sensors on the device so if request raw resolution is greater than 22 MP the usecase will return null as it can't match resolution.

    E/CHIUSECASE: [ERROR  ] chxusecaseselector.cpp:411 DefaultMatchingUsecaseSelection() Failed to match usecase. pSelectedUsecase is NULL
    E/CHIUSECASE: [ERROR  ] chxextensionmodule.cpp:4024 InitializeOverrideSession() For cameraId = 3 CreateUsecaseObject failed

    This BUG is already fixed od Rog Phone 5

  • So as to clarify, your query relates to functions in Gcam which need a subsequent change in the ASUS kernel.

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    It is not only Gcam problem. There is a problem with 64MP outside the stock camera app. Yes, it seems like a kernel bug. But it shouldn't be a big problem to fix it if you already solved it in  Rog Phone 5 OTA.

  • Fixed after latest ota

    64mp works in gcam now

  • Fixed, Thank you CH_ASUS

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