A interesting in depth comparison video of Rog 5,Black Shark 4 pro and Red Magic 6 in Genshin Impact

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I recommend watching the video first but if you're just here for the final results I'll just post them here:

Genshin impact was the game played In this test, every graphic settings maxed out + 60fps,X mode on and max brightness

Duration- 30 minutes (for longer too the results will be more or less similar)

Remember that this is an very taxing game which stresses all the devices over longer durations, heating is normal in this game

(All 3 phones have Snapdragon 888)

A few quick things you can deduce from this is that:

1.Compared to the other 2 rog front is indeed running a bit hotter and adding the cooler doesn't seem to help it in any way

2. Back temps are a bit surprising as you all know Asus mentioned that they are using a centred cpu this year and that this will help keep the heat at middle of the phone where you generally don't touch while holding the frame

° the back top and bottom of the rog 5 are the coolest out of the 3 (that's where we hold the phone mostly) and middle too is not that hot and when you use aero active cooler which is designed to directly cool the cpu this year you'll notice some surprising results the resulsy with aero active cooler on back is pretty good (just 29 degrees and by far the cooolest out of the 3)

Now one interesting part of the video is the fps graph :D

As you can see Rog 5 has the highest and most stable frame rate with lowest recorded being 42 during gameplay

Red magic 6 drops to upto 26 minimum fps 😬

As an extra addition you can further fine tune your rog gameplay experience in armory crate by tinkering with stuff :)

Now coming to the battery part

Anyways with the massive 6000 mah battery 65W charging and bypass charging you won't have to worry much about this aspect of the phone


  • Hopefully my comment will be enabled by the mods soon to showcase why this video is absolutely worthless and how easily debunkable it is in the first place. Those FPS graph are pulled out of the video makers bum and I obviously posted some hard proof of how the rog5 is infact the worst performing gaming phone thus far, obiovulsy with graphing and everything. will see if the mods allow facts to destroy this biased topic ;)

  • I don't know pal I only posted what I saw

    This YouTube channel for instance has posted a lot of comparison videos between Rog 5,black shark 4pro,red magic 6 and he'll probably get the legion 2 for comparisons too (and he does all the thermals tests live plus fps meter and real time info are always enabled for you to see) and he's pretty fast replying to comments on his channel

    Yes thermals are not the best on the rog but for an 888 seems good enough

    I don't think performance might be an issue with most who just want to enjoy a phone and not gather data and stuff simultaneous fps over time graph and stuff

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    And from what I know Asus uses a spambot for this website

    Sometimes your post gets "held back" while posting due to probably using a blackslisted word with message being displayed as "the message will be posted after Authorization"

    Sometimes it get posted after a while sometimes not so I dunno what will be the case in your instance

  • Pretty sure it may be the links. Having 2 many links to sources in 1 post seem to trigger it as well.

  • but as already mentioned, once the post is out, it will easily debunk the video and explain why his testing methology is wrong and misleading at best, also that his FPS numbers are something he pulled out of his bum to begin with as all other sources are consistent with rog5 being the worst by a longshot.

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    The guy should of tested one device at a time end to end and not swapping devices in between.

    Swapping device in between already allows your device to cool down. That's what's my simple mind is saying 😁

    //EDIT: Not to mention, he didn't even start at the same temperature for each phone when playing.

  • He also pulls out FPS numbers out his bum instead of running perfdog to graph it which would instantly destroy his made up FPS numbers.

  • Do me a favor and never write anything every again. All you do is spreading lies nonstop and causing users to make bad decisions. So lets explain his "findings" and explain why the FPS part doesn't make a lick of sense and how to easily debunk the fact that the guy just shoved some eyeballed abritary numbers in.

    1.) Not a surprise as the back vapor chamber is only being cooled a little from the fan.

    2.) Not surprising at all, if you shove cooling at a centered spot then obviously only the centered spot gets cooled properly especially if your vapor chamber is just a tiny thing in the middle on the back. Not only that but using an infared thermal sensor on reflective surface only gives you a rough estimate.

    3.) The FPS graph is worthless because it doesnt give you any clue about stability or where he even got the FPS from. It's clear he didn't use perfdog and many reviews if not all reviews suggest otherwise, here is some actual proper data on FPS Rog5 vs others. Also min FPS doesn't mean anything in this game as there are numerous stutters thanks to caching shaders, opening inventory etc. What matters is frametime and stability of frames:

    Here we can see live that the red magic 6 is far more capable than the Rog5, we have perfdog showing us live statistics and graphing it out. To demsonstrate this even further:

    The black shark does also better than the rog5 which can be seen on the graph albeit not as good as the red magic.

    Battery part isnt surprising as it has the largest battery. However what is surprising is the fact that it drains so much compared to the red magic 6. Overall the red magic 6 just flatout wins over the rog5 in terms of performance and effieicncy quite easily. You trying to sweettalk the rog5 and ignoring it's problems is pissing me off more than anything.

    Stop spreading lies, I will always call you out no matter how hard you try.

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    Maybe he'll test all 3 phones with new tool again

  • According to this, his average FPS is higher with the nuba 5 than the rog5. If you still think this seems legit then lmao.

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    Yes 1fps higher than rog in his last test

    He is using a new tool to benchmark btw the results now in the next tests should be more accurate

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