ASUS ROG 3 useless advantage

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ASUS ROG 3
  2. Firmware Version: ww_17.0823.2008.78
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): call of duty

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.

========================================ROG 3 was bought as stand alone for Call of Duty Mobile (cod). ALL settings in cod maxed out for low graphics and high FPS; ALL! ROG 3 maxed out in HARDCORE, X Mode, CPU, GPU, display refresh rate; set at 120, temperature at High, etc etc etc. there is zero apps other than cod and full back ground clear. All advanced and high performance settings saved. Problem: FPS never goes over 60 FPS. My iPhone 11 Pro Max plays equally as well. There is zero advantage over iPhone, and playing in hard care level 3 never goes over 93F! So playing with this ridiculous fan is 100% uncomfortable and a waste as there are protections against over temping as well as my own data display. It took three days of fooling around with the ridiculous and unintuitive menus to finally get out of locked at 30 FPS. Sorry ASUS, a wasted $1000.00


  • The game only has a 60fos lock lmao

    Guessing those triggers don't add any advantage either then, eh?

    It's not the company's fault you didn't do any research before hand and wasted 3 days looking through the settings

  • I did do the research long before spending $1000.00. Clearly expensive. I been gaming along time on CoD and achieved a very high level knocking down over 85,000 kills in two months. I know the game extremely well. CoD published 120 FPS capable last year. In my research before purchase I watched dozens of YouTube informative videos as well as tons of ROG 3 enormous capabilities. Who wouldn’t want this unit. Even after 3 days it was still locked on 30 FPS after following all ASUS Manual instructions as well as setting up each an every menu in the phone. Only after a deep menu allowed me into the CPU / GPU, was I able to see UPTO...60 FPS AFTER FLOUND AROUND 20-25 FPS. Bottom line: you don’t have as much HARD settings control as one thinks when reading specs

  • By the way, those optional triggers don’t work for a man with long fingers and big hands.

  • wait until the game support 90 fps and see who is better

  • Claw player here. I actually don't find any advantages to the triggers. I stick to the traditional finger-to-screen method because it's more responsive and comfortable.

  • It's not a wasted advantage, pal. 120fps on CODM is just an exclusive feature for only new sony device. No device can reach that framerate for now. Do more research before complaining here.

  • Got it - marketing spec info causes a lot of financial heartburn as expressed by a number of fellow players. Point taken well 😇, HighborneX

  • Lol, who told you CoDM is playable at 100000000 fps??? 😂😂😂

    The game is maxed at 60fps only. There are many games which support 144fps. You can try and check whether your phone retains max fps all time or not

  • As of now only sony flagship has 120 fps of COD option , no all devices, may be it will be update near future, like PUBGM 90 fps for only one plus devices for some time than gobal roll-out started

  • I'm not into cod,but all I know is that the crapple devices can't do half the things this phone can do+the triggers are perhaps one of the most advantageous things for games like these,and until 120fps is globally rolled out,then we will see who has the advantage

    The 120hz phones or the 60fps crapple devices eh?

  • The specs on the ROG 3 are amazing which leads people to believe in a blazing - beat all lag phone. The confusion for most is FPS; FPS FOR GAME DATA EXCHANGE AND FPS DISPLAY REFRESH. The ROG 3 does have the display 144 FPS rate, although when I change games I have to reset to 144 HZ (FPS) each time. The ‘Level 3 hard core’ programming doesn’t stick although it states that it is binding to level 3. However when looking at the console for any game mode change in CoD mobile, I have to reset to 144. The ‘Game FPS’ was a real struggle to get the ROG 3 to unlock from 30 FPS to effectively play CoD Mobile. I had to get into the CPU / GPU program to to 60 FPS - but finally done. Forget air triggers as my normal screen swipes equals less mistakes although a great idea. Despite my rambling, the ROG 3 is an excellent phone. Going from iOS to android has also been struggle-yahoo!

  • But how can we research about display issues before hand bot boy. Company should take the responsibility and fix all issues ASAP.

  • Simple, forums like Zentalk and XDA :)

    You can research *by actually researching more*

  • @highborne2003 As others have already told you, Call of Duty is (with a few exceptions) capped to 60 FPS on mobile right now. This is set by the developers of the game and higher frame rate settings have to be added by them - it's not something we can activate from our end.

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