Sudden failure of type C port

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1. Rog 3

2. 17.0823.2009.98

3. Non rooted

So the problem I'm facing is that my usb port on the bottom of the phone suddenly stopped supporting my earphones like it won't play music and won't show them plugged in except for a little bit at the start,the port is still working while charging and my dongle that came with the phone is working just fine and the same earphones too on the other port to the side of the phone,don't know what the issue is


  • I only have this problem on bottom typeC port when using earphones. Sometimes it shows that the phone was charged by my earphones, it's very strange!

  • My best guess is that its a software glitch ,

    Trying clearing cache and forse stop audio wizard and if it wont solve the issue then please perform a factory reset

  • I have same problem on USB port in my ROG 3. It Suddenly cannot charge and audio also malfunction. i only use it 4 months

  • @faiqminhas77 First of, please update your firmware to the latest version and see if that solves your problem.

    Other than that, check your USB settings and check if the USB device is controlled by your phone or vice versa. Check if you get the same setting when connecting to your side port.

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    I have a question regarding the other post i posted few days ago for side port not connecting with pc

    I noticed that when we connect our device to pc , our device is the one controlling the connection but when I connected to that particular pc where my side port is not working , in that case my pc is the one controlling the connection..... So is that an issue for side port not working?

    I reinstalled all the usb drivers from intel official site so drivers is not the issue

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    The "USB controlled by" decides which device is acting as host for the connection. When you connect your phone to your PC it should be set to "This device", which means that you can browse the internal storage from your PC.

    If you select "Connected device", you're basically trying to open your PC's storage from your phone. If you have another Android phone lying around, you can test the difference out for yourself. Simply connect them to each other and open the USB prefrences page on both phones.

    I still think the issue lies with your drivers however. Have you updated your MTP and USB drivers correctly?

  • Yea i did updated all the drivers even reinstalled them completely , i tried samsung and OnePlus device but none of the three device including my rog can take control from pc so only problem i can think of is with my pc

  • I had this problem too. I posted about it weeks ago. Its a software issue. Dont believe anyone saying that its a hardware problem, dongle problem or asking u to clean the port.

    Solution? It is fixed with the latest update for me.The small 100 mb(approx) update.

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