Bootloader Unlocking Server Not Working

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Hi-@Anders_ASUS @krimsongattler @Titan_ASUS @l220098838 @kikoly @CH_ASUS @NS_ASUS

1.Actually I have Purchased Phone 14 Months Ago And Now My Warranty Has been Expired.

2.Some Day ago i have Unlocked bootloader and Flashed Custom Rom And Used for some day And Facing issue Then I switched to Stock Rom and Bootloader Locked when I tried (Fastboot_asus_oem-Back)then My Bootloader Showing Locked and Now I updated to A11 manually and Facing (Sensor Problem) And I have Downgraded to A10 and Everything Is Working Fine.

if i updated to A11 then I will face sensor issue again so..

I wan to Use Custom ROM Again.

Also I tried to unlock bootloader with Apk tool which is downloaded from Official Website asus.

And I'm Facing Error like see Images Below

Sir Please Help Me To Fix This Issue.


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