How do I hide call logs or messages in Owner mode?

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To hide call logs or messages from private contacts in Owner mode:
  1. Launch Contacts app from the following screens:  

    Tap ASUS > image from Home screen.


    Tap image then tap image.

  2. From the Contacts screen, tap image > Manage contacts.
  3. Tap Manage private contacts then set up a PIN for your contacts that you wish to hide.
  4. On the Private contacts screen, tap + , select the contacts then tap Done.  

    Note: All existing text messages and call logs of your private contacts will be hidden from Phone or Messaging app view respectively.
  5. After adding the selected contacts to Private contacts screen, tap image > Settings.  
  6. Customize the display of your private contacts when receiving their calls with the following:  

    Tap Hide caller number to hide the number when you receive an incoming call from your private contacts.



    Tap Customized profile to set a dummy name and number for all your private contacts, then tap Save and set Customized profile slider to ON.



    Note: When you enable this feature, the Hide caller number function will be disabled.
  7. To view the text messages from your private contacts, launch image then tap General on the upper left corner of the Messaging app screen and tap Private.

  8. Key in a PIN, then tap Continue.

  9. Repeat the PIN code you entered in step 8, then tap OK for confirmation.
  10. All private messages will be displayed onscreen. Tap the private message that you want to read.
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