Please fix this refresh rate glitch

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My all devices

Capture Card : Avermedia GC553 (Supporting 4K60Hz, 1080P120Hz)

Converter : Club 3D USB-C to HDMI (Supporting 4K60Hz, 1080P120Hz)

HDMI Cable : Ultra High Speed HDMI Ver.2.1 (Supporting 4K30Hz, 1080P240Hz)

Phone : Rog Phone 3 (Display - 144Hz)

I bought these all devices for Rog Phone 3

When Rog Phone is connected to Capture card through Converter,

Rog Phone is capped to 60 Hz with this announcement "Refresh rate is set to 60Hz"

But Oneplus doesn't have this glitch and doesn't even need good devices which support 1080p120Hz

Cuz even If capture card only supports 60fps, Oneplus is not capped to 60Hz, Oneplus has own display

Please change system of Rog phone like Oneplus

Don't say "buy Oneplus", I already ordered😡

But I still like Rog Phone, I wish using Rog Phone again (with capture card)

ASUS Mods @Anders_ASUS@Gustav_ASUS @ARP@ARP_ASUS answer me please


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