Rog phone 3 Heat issue

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: 17.0823.2007.25
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.




  • Hi @yashesh.shah1990

    Can you please provide more information here.

    1. Under what circumstances the phone heats?
    2. What;s the temperature shown on the phone App?
    3. Whats the Idle room temperature?
  • While charging.

  • Sorry about the late reply.

    How hot does it get? Is it only charging when it gets hot or are you using it at the same time? Please give us more details.

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    My ROG phone 3 has heating issue during charging it is too hot, it has been only a day since I have bought the phone and I am facing the issue. It is not easy to hold with hands.

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    È vero...anche a me succede

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    @Anders_ASUS While charging all the users are facing heating issue. Phone is too warm at that time. I have already addressed this issue in separate thread. Kindly look on to this issue

  • I am also faing the same heating issue.... It is not happening only during charging time. It is also happening during play time especially with PUBG... After a play of 30 minutes, it gets too hot that you cannot even hold it. Before I was using Redmagic5G and I bought ASUS ROG3 with the thinking that I will get a better user and interface experience but its not the case so far... My Redmagic 5G is still doing great.

    Note: I am playing both the phones without any Aeroactive cooler fan.

  • Do you think issues related to rog phone 3 will be solved with upcomming software updates !?

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    This is definitely an issue. The whole point of buying a gaming phone with state of the art cooling system is to avoid heating. This phone heats at the simplest task of charging, let alone gaming. It gets too hot to hold when it charges.

    Update: Switching to slow charge reduced the heat. The phone still gets warm even on slow charge.

  • Mine rog 3 is also getting heated even while moderate usage and not a good sign for such a mobile please help somebody

  • My rog phone 3 heats up in every task it's idle temperature is 32-35°c and heats up to 45°c while gaming and Charging and being a gaming phone it should not heat up like that... The heat is not only around the vent the whole phone is heated.. did you guys really worked on that vent or it's like the rog 2 just for show piece

  • While gaming my Rog phone 3 reaches 45°C in just about 30 minutes of PUBG. Also reaches 40°C when charging. I did not get the aeroactive cooler in the box in India. I received the phone just day before yesterday and I am facing this issue. The phone gets too hot to even hold of I play PUBG for an hour or more. Please tell how to fix the issue.

  • Please help quickly. I bought the phone for the purpose of gaming. Is it possible that the device I received is faulty? Please answer as soon as possible. It heated up to 41°C just within 15 minutes of playing PUBG mobile.

  • This is normal...... reviewers said phone heat up when gaming.

  • The only result overheating will cause is uncomfort to your hands and processor throttling down performance... No need to panic

  • My phone's temperature during no use . Been experiencing this since starting .

  • @ritikxman that is normal

  • mine also gets super hot while playing pubg. goes upto 45 degrees and if I dont use the provided case, I cant hold the phone in my hands. specially the upper part of phone gets super hot.

    can mods tell whats the max temp the phone can go without causing any damage to the internals. whats the normal range for this phone?

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