Please Unlock My Banned Account @Tarundalai1999

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@CH_ASUS, i was really Sorry for done what have i done... I was feel very bad... That i have done on that day...

Due to Indian Customer Service Representative's Behaviour i Wrote so many slangs on that post... But please trust me... I didn't have any intention of writing these words... Please forgive me and please remove ban and enable the permission of the account @Tarundalai1999

And i also talked with asus customer service representative... And i said sorry to him... For performing misappropriated behaviour... And they give me the solution

to chat with you.... Please help me

Thank You

I have attached some screenshots for satisfaction of account unban please ASUS Admin Help me and also ASUS Moderators

@Anders_ASUS @Victor0_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @kikoly @Mister

Please Help Me I Beg You

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