Endless bootloop max pro M2 in Indonesia

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[Picture Deleted Due to Personal Information Leaking]

My unit is


-model ZB631KL

- i dont know the firmware because my phone endless bootloop

- never root or open bootloader

- alway install update patch from asus ,

got the problem after the update patch android in march 2020 about 150mb size file

1. Endless bootloop

2.cannot enter recovery mode only csc safe mode

3.in asus centre service they said the ic is getting weaker so must change whole motherboard and the staff never explained how this problem happening,,

Here i just wanna ask where is the responsibility of asus who's gave update android and made the phone broken useless for endless bootloop and not even the technician can repair it

You have to change motherboard with same price for the new unit??

For your information i'm from indonesia,west java,bekasi,,

And i heard in india asus is recall this unit and swapping with new unit with security system much better,,


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