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When will asus release Max pro M3..?


  • Already never ... Asus decided that he was not interested in dealing with cheap smartphones ...

  • Hi there, we understand your enthusiasm regarding future launches. We would request you to wait for an official announcement for the same. Stay tuned to our official channels for further updates.

  • पहले मैक्स प्रो 1 और मैक्स प्रो म 2 को ही ध्यान दे तो ठीक रहेगा

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    Asus didn't even fixed max pro m2 problem then how would they launch M3 supper funny

  • Hey dont buy asus budget phones ....inse 1 update dena nahi hota 2 month se zak maar rahe hai ...

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    Max pro m2 Android 10 stable update do baad me max pro M3 lunch karna asus hate u asus smartphone don't buy any one update too much late asus smartphone

    Koi nehi buying karega asus smartphone too much late always not provided Android 10 stable update

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    I won't hold my breath for this one

    Max pro lineup has probably been cancelled

    The new CEO's did say that they're only going to focus on power users now which includes the flagship Zenfones which run Zen UI and Rog phones

    Now I'm not sure about this but this seems the most likely scenario,that max pro m3 and max pro series as a whole has been disbanded

    The lower spectrum of the market is spoiled by offerings from Xiaomi,realme,nokia,honor, samsung (midrangers)

    Max pro series sure had solid sales and decent support so far still the future of the lineup seems murky

  • Guys, seriously, what are you guys whining about Max Pro M1??

    You do realise it's a budget phone right. And honestly, I haven't faced any problems on my phone after the pie update.

    I'm getting amazing battery life (over 10 hours of usage time) and lag free performance.

    What more do you expect from a phone that costs 12k? Heck, I got it for 9k during the big billion sale in 2018. And I have zero regrets.

    And what on earth are you guys crying about Android 10 for? What is so special of it? I seriously don't get it!

    I'm more than happy with Android Pie here.

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    Very basic problem max pro m2 with mic. Can't hear wat the other person is talking unless I put the head phone.

    Don't give android 10 update but please fix this very basic necessity.

    I have put this comment in so many places and many are suffering with the same problem Asus is quiet on this.. unacceptable !!!

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    My previous comment want to make a correction.problem with ear piece

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    I am using M1 Pro 6 Gb 64 Gb variant. Before a month updated to 10 I think that was a big mistake.Request you to guide for degrade from 10 to Pie(9), after every two three calls I have to restart my phone otherwise call get one side communication, maximum time I can hear but other side they can't,so please give solution to my mail that is [email protected]

    Thanks and regards

    Chetan Bhatia


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    Warning Downgrading will wipe your phone's storage


    If you click on the link you can download the downgrade file

    Once downloaded place it on your sd card

    Go to recovery mode if you don't know how to go to recovery mode do the following steps

    •power of your phone

    •hold power button and volume down button till the asus logo shows up.

    •select the apply update from external storage. (You can navigate by using volume buttons and you can select things by using power button)

    •select the update file

    •after the downgrade is finished wipe the catch partition

    •now you can select reboot to system

    Now your device will be downgraded to stable pie .60

  • Right now if asus came and sell phone i buy it samsung is costly and other are Chinese. No option 🥺 for those who want non Chinese phone.

  • Chitiye agar m3 nahi ane ka matlab h no future development of M range smartphone. Katam

    Aur abhi aye to naya version ek non Chinese option to milega?

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    Sí van a lanzar próximamente una nueva versión de Zenfone Max Pro M3 por favor desistir de incluir Android Stock, éso fué un terrible error que no funcionó en Max Pro M2. En mí país fué un fracaso rotundo al punto que es la única referencia que no se vendió y aún continúa exhibida en muchos almacenes especializados de la marca. Lo digo porque por desgracia fuí uno de los muchos qué compramos y luego terminamos defraudados con el desempeño del equipo y por la carencia de las apps nativas que venían con ZenUI. Ojalá está nueva versión no traiga ése sistema tan básico e inoperante

    PS: Aún esperando actualización de Android 10 en M2 🤦🏻‍♂️

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