Improvements I have noticed after latest update( 18th April) on Rog phone 2

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Hi Guys!

Today I got the latest update for my Rog phone 2.

After the update I have noticed a lot improvements which were not mentioned in the change log.

1. VoWifi is enabled. Thanks Asus!

2. Heating issue is gone. Maximum temp. I get without x mode is 37°c.

3. Battery life is improved. Will observe for next couple of days.

4. COD black screen issue is solved. I don't know Asus did something or game developers did. I did played for more than 1 hours and didn't face this problem anymore.

5. Security patch was updated to Feb. I know it's not the latest.

If anyone noticed any other improvements plz share. Thanks!

Great work. Asus!



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