A transitional settings for harcore tuning mode on ROG 2.

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@Anders_ASUS and @ApolloFury got a new idea that could help us all and for possible future problems whenever any game, be it pubg or cod is lagging.

I just experiment this and it actually works fine. I tune the device to overclock, since ROG 2, as we all know has some speciality of it own, which no other device can match and the main reason why it takes mobile gaming to another level, i.e we can overclock the device performance without the need of being having to root the device like other android phones. And it actually performs better than iPhone 11 on pubg.

The game, as for me I'm playing PUBG mobile ; actually runs smoothly with no problems and rendering issues which we all are complaining about. But the main problem i got was that the device heats up too much and extreme battery consumption. As for us, not being an technical enthusiast, we don't know how to properly tune the device to an acceptable level of performance and to a safe level. I'm worried that i might cause damage to the device with my own hardcore tuning settings, and I'm sure that it will also be for others ; since we don't know what the different settings on the hardcore tuning mode actually means and what it does. Just raising up/increasing a specific mode/settings may cause an unequilibrium in the device performance during our gaming sessions. Another problem is we cannot increase the power supply or attach a new fan in the device to dissapate heat to compemsate for the increased performance which comes with overclocking.

As a technical enthusiat, i know that you will be well aware of how complicated it actually is to overclock a CPU's performance, be it a gaming PC or an android phone; especially phones such as ROG 2. It takes technical knowledge and accessories kits to monitor the behaviour of the device during the process and monitor whether is it safe for the device longetivity.

So what i humbly suggest is that, please try out a new settings for hardcore tuning mode, which will be at a safe level for the device and at the same time that delivers a great performance which all of us are craving for with the device. If it works out, as you will be well aware of, the specific settings can be saved in the scenario perfile for the intended game and share with others to use in their own devices. I suggest this resolution because it's too complicated for non-technical guys to overclock the device to a safe level.

I'm assuming that you will have all the accessories needed for the suggestions that i made in the above lines and with your technical knowledge, I'm sure that you can done better than us. This will be beneficial for all of us.

If you need any help, I'm always ready.

If it's works out, who wouldn't choose Asus over any other phone for gaming. And any future game will always target Asus.



  • We're actually already working on this but I don't know if we will release a lot of games at once or continuously

  • Can u please share the game profile file I am competitive player and I don't have problem with high battery consumption

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    There are already videos available on utube..

  • I am asking about the game profile @chhandama.hringngen created

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