Please add gesture support for 3rd party launchers

deeppaul589deeppaul589 Level 3
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Samsung has promised to support gestures on 3rd party launchers in its android 10 devices. Asus it's time to do something.





  • Thanks for the feedback! I will pass it on

  • A HumanA Human Level 2

    This would be much appreciated. Google has fixed this issue, but some companies still need to make their systems compatible.

  • uri13uri13 Level 1

    In A10, QuickSwitch is working perfectly with launchers like Lawnchair. Gestures are amazing. The problems is the battery drain...

    I'm thinking to return to A9, but the prob is I will loose A10 gestures.

  • Quickswitch requires root access . Did you root your phone ?

  • A HumanA Human Level 2
    edited April 6

    I've been thinking about rooting mine, now that I've got A10. I wanna change the boot animation and uninstall a couple apps that the phone doesn't need. I haven't used quick switch before. Is it only the recents gesture, or is it basically a replacement for A10 gesture nav? If I don't have to wait for a gesture update, I'll root and go with that, assuming it's worth it.

  • A HumanA Human Level 2

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS Is this gonna be a thing guys? It's a highly requested feature from a very large percentage of the ASUS users. A lot of us were hoping it would be resolved in the most recent update, but it's still an issue. Google fixed this on their end 4 or 5 months ago.


    please give an update and solve this problem, asus launcher its shit, like most of brand launchers, no excuses that is android 10 base problem, oxygen os, miui, samsung, etc, allows use gestures with 3rd party launchers, dont fuck the users that spend 1000€ on your phone, please..........

    make a good launcher and ill use it, instead, allow use 3rd launchers, because its 1000 times more better than stock

    edited June 17

    This amazing. No modders told nothing. Rog comunity stand wating . Asus wont update nothing, bad support soft updates

    One simple thing that all roms have, 3rd party launchers, im not requesting android 10

    Thing that is native in android 10, here we dont have 3rd party launcher gestures, ridiculous

    Never will buy a rog phone again on future. Thanks for this amazing experience and developers hard work(sleeping and earning money)

  • You can download Nova Launcher and use that? The other way is you can root and have it installing anything you want. But you are warned that it will void your warranty.

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