When will December security patch .36 update rollback after pausing for zenfone 5Z?

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Please let me know when will december security patch update for 5Z will be rolled back with bug fixes? Its been so long since A10 first update i am still on november security patch .98

Facing few issues like

*Drastic battery drain by android system

*Navigation bar inconsistent sometimes does not auto hide on some apps and browser videos which ruins full screen experinces

*pubg multi touch issue for 2 fingers screen jitters and sometimes touch unoticable compared to zenfone 5 as 5z shares same display panel there are no any issues faced on zenfone 5 during gameplay then why 5z?

( if more then 2 fingers no any problem but isdue only with 2 fingers)

*screen recorder does not record internal audio in third party apps like whatsapp even after setting and audio option to internal audio in settings of screen recorder

*In android 9 pubg ping use to be always 50 minimum but android 10 its minimum 60ms facing since day 1 of android 10 update

*Network fluctuations on sim 2 causes sim 1 to be unstable in network this effects during gameplays also 4g+ is inconsistent on jio network

*Sms on sim2 causes network fluctuations and due to which gameplay in pubg gets disturbed for few seconds even after no alert is set in game genie and also data network is set to sim 1



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