Rog Phone 2 restarts automatically when call ends (More than 20 mins)

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Hello all,

I have been facing a weird issue with my Rog phone 2. It is only 2 months old. Not sure if anyone else has faced similar issue.

So when my phone is connected to bluetooth headphone and I make a call for more than 20 minutes, once the call is ended by the other party the phone shows the account balance as a Class 0 Flash SMS. The moment the flash sms comes in the phone restarts automatically. Issue happens every 2 out of 5 times. So not always but intermittent.

My phone is up to date and also I have performed a clean reset from he recovery mode. But issue still exist. I have not tried without the bluetooth headphone but have tried 2 different brands headphone and issue is same. Also I feel the issue will occur irrespective of headphone connected or not. I have managed to make a video of the issue as well in case #Asus developers team wants to help.

Build: WW_16.0631.1910.44_0



  • My friend had a similar issue of phone reboot on a call or after it on his Asus zenfone max m2, diagnostic at a local services centre showed that it had antenna issue. Go to a local service centre and get your device checked

  • Thanks for the information. Yes I was thinking of visiting the service center but I kind of feel the issue that I am facing might be a more of a software bug as it is not happening when I am using SIM2 (Vodafone). Only happens with SIM1 (JIO) Flash SMS.

    Any thoughts would be helpful!

  • My friend had a Vodafone sim and i guess he got the antenna replaced or something can't say much about it.

  • @Anders_ASUS , @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS

    What do you think is causing this? Can you check with the Dev and see how to fix it ASAP. Day by day it is becoming very annoying to use the phone. I haven't had any issues with the phone except this but this is certainly the most annoying issue I think can be faced with a phone.

    I see that @sanjaykkumar1986 has been facing the same issue.

    # Class 0 message from jio

    Update to my original post- Issue occurs mostly when the screen is locked and the other party disconnects the call. When I unlock and hangup the call then issue does not occur most of the time but sometimes.

  • I have no idea but I can send you a PM with instructions on how to log your phone. That way we can see what happend and fix it.

  • Yes please let me know what log you would like to view

  • @Anders_ASUS Hi I have shared the log through drive and also managed to capture a video which is shared too. Please check what can be done to resolve it

  • @Anders_ASUS Hi, did you get the time to go through the log and see whats wrong

  • Bro is ur problem solved?? Restarting??

  • My problem started just now... What to do?

  • You guys are on the latest .64 firmware?

  • Yes bro...Y phone restating after calls?

  • It is annoying that after call phone restart automatically.... At a day 4 to 5 tyme restart... What the hell it is...such a premium phone.. very sad...

  • So I got my phone back from the service center today. They flashed the ROM with FW .44. @Averan Previously I had .44 but before giving the phone to the service center I updated to .64 and the issue was still there. While I was in the service center I tried to replicate the issue and guess what, it is worst now. Before the phone was restarting, but now it shuts down completely and needs to be manually started. Also before I had the issue when the call length was more than 20 mins but now does not matter how long the call is it just happens. While sitting in front of the service center person it happened twice and then he took the phone again to the technician inside their work area and then came back saying no issues. I tried and found out the due to network outage Jio was not sending the message immediately after disconnecting the call. The balance message was coming only after about 5 minutes of call disconnection (If the message comes immediately only then the issue occurs). I came back home and checked again coz the network area changed and in my area there was no outage and as expected the issue came back and still happening. Not sure what to do next! Left with a expensive piece of lemon which does not work and the manufacturer has no clue so far how to fix it.

  • So 38k gone????????

    Azus teams do u see this communication?????

    What should we do with this phone?? If u gays cnt resolve this problem please replace the phone...

  • As of now I feel the same. Its just waste of money. I have checked with a few other users of ROG2 and what I found out that the devices which are purchased later and not at the beginning when this phone went on sale, they dont have the same issue. I bought mine on the second Flipkart sale on 3/10. I feel there is a batch of phone which were sold at the beginning has some sort of hardware issue. @mahiikm90 when did you buy your phone?

  • Same here. It happened to me also when connected to bluetooth headset.

  • Ask for a replacement device @Kashyap

  • Ask for compensation as well for the trouble that you had to go through

  • I did already but they have not acknowledged it

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