Any upcoming updates for fixing bugs?

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Accent colours are not changing, override force dark not working for all apps,icon shapes are not changing, fingerprint scanner got slower etc.

Any information guys?


  • Accent Colours, icon shapes and general Android 10 theming not working is not a bug per se - we have not implemented these things. And these toggles are only accessible through "Developer Options".. perhaps the correct way would have been to remove that also from dev options.

    Fingerprint scanner got slower - could be a bug, could be a known limitation - depends on the nature of this slowness.

    For example in Android 10 the FP will NOT register immediately after you lock the screen (for approx 2sec). So you can try that by turning of the screen using power key and then immediately put your finger on the FP reader, - it wont register. But it will if you wait ~2sec.

    One way to get around this is to set the device to "immediately lock on power key" (instead of default staying awake for a few seconds).

  • why not implement instead of removing it? accent color is one of the feature in android 10...when you say its stock at least provide all stock features and options... @CH_ASUS... you don't even check with the users what they want? whatever you feel is not required you remove it or don't implement it. and its not that you should implement all the feature required by every user but at least take those which are requested by most of the users .. very sad to see these kind response from asus team...

  • I can't speak for him, but my assumption is that he means "remove" it until they can implement it. Those options are likely (and probably should be) lower on the list of priorities than some other issues (like the camera and security updates etc). Don't get me wrong, I'd like those options too but I assume that is what he meant. Otherwise people post and comment that there is a "bug" when there isn't actually one.

  • The aosp theme picker (stock Android theming) was not actually part of stock Android 10 until the new December update that was released by Google late on Monday (December 2nd), until then it was just a pixel addition, just like the other pixel only features, so Asus was right to not have it implemented yet, although I do believe that Asus can implement it now with the December patch since Google finally included it in the main aosp release channel (QQ1A.191205.008), it might take a while though as it's a very large update to aosp, it's kind of like 10.1

  • It would be *great* if Asus considers the Accent color feature in next update, I'm a big sucker for UI customization.

  • Soo when are you planning to implement accent color feature? @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

  • And also the force dark mode from developer option doesn't work properly on whatsapp and Facebook pls fix that

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