Automatically changing refresh rates to save power

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120Hz uses a lot of battery and there should be a way to automatically change it depending on the app for example on messaging apps like discord or messenger I'd like 60/90hz, 60hz on YouTube cuz there's no 120fps videos, Instagram and Facebook or any app with a lot of scrolling be 120hz, you get what i mean. Maybe you could manually put refresh rate locks on certain apps. I know you can on games manually (Auto changing refresh rates on 60fps games would also be nice for example pubg and asphalt 9) but I mean normal day to day usage apps.

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    Good point! There is already a partial solution to that. In Armoury Crate app you can add apps to game library. Not just games but other apps as well. I have added Discord and Whatsapp as I use them to communicate with my club while playing the game. So I have a direct access to communication without leaving the Armoury Crate. You have a whole list of apps, for example all Microsoft Office apps, but not all apps. YouTube is not on the list. Once an app is added to Armoury Crate, you change settings as you like. If all apps could be added to Armoury Crate that would solve the question. Downside would be you would have a long list to scroll through in Armoury Crate. That would make it unpractical to select the game you want to play.

  • I know you can add a few apps on the armoury crate to manually turn the refresh rate down but I'd like an automated solution to it instead of adding all the apps and having a long list, which defeats the whole purpose of armoury crate.

  • Yeah. Like a list of app that run at 60-90-120 hz, similar to the app scaling list. Great idea

  • I tried to set up something like this using Scenario Profiles.

    But not being able to set the Game Genie OSD to specific scenarios profiles makes it not worth doing.

    It also screws up the frame rate in my games. So I just leave everything to use System setting. Which I've been leaving at 120 Hz.

  • Why not? Atleast give us the ability to change the refresh rate on a per app basis without having to put every app in armoury crate. It would really help save battery life if it switched to a lower refresh rate on an app that really doesn't need high refresh rate.

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