Bluetoothe earbuds not working properly during Call.

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When I am using my bluetooth earbuds for music. The sound is good as expected.

When I am using bluetooth earbuds for Calls (either regular call or fb messenger call) indoor the reception and voice are clear.

But when outdoor, things are different. The voice from the other line is getting weaker and weaker.

I am not sure if ROG Phone 2 has noise cancellation and is not working properly.

Please advise.

Also I am not sure if bluetooth earbuds are compatible with Rog Phone 2 because when I used different cellphone. Issue is not encountered.

I also tried connecting different earbuds to Rog Phone 2 and same issue occured. Voice is getting weaker outdoors.

Please advise


  • If possible can you provide a list of bluetooth speakers that is compatible with rog phone 2?

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    Your buds connected to the phone, go to AudioWizard. You can access it pulling down from the top of the screen (one of the options in the shortcut menu between WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, flashlight etc.), or by pressing the volume up or down buttons. Once in AudioWizard in the upper right corner you have a headphone icon. Touch that and you will find a menu with 3 options. First is Headphone effects and you tap it on. Then you have Headphone profile. Tap on that and you will see a long list of manufacturers and models. Search for your particular model. I have found mine and the sound experience is night and day. Later you also go to the last option listening profile, which you should do even if you don't find your earbuds on the list before. Hope it helps!

  • This is what I got when I connected Bose soundsport bluetooth earbuds

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    I can see Bose soundsport on the list

  • Hi OPC,

    Yup I agree. Bose soundsport is on the list. How ever if the earbuds are already connected, then opening AudioWizard, the unsopprted message pops out.

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    Then it's a bug.

  • That is really strange. The relative distance between the phone and the headphones is the same? Are you approaching any sources of electrical interference, like a power line or transmission tower?

    Does the signal weakness outside apply everywhere? 1, 2, 10 miles from your home?

  • I always bring my phone with me. The distance of bluetooth is between my ear and hand.

    Whenever I am outside my house. On the road, bus, train or walking. The sound weakens. But if I am at home or quiet place. The sound and reception is good.

  • Apologies for the very late response!

    Let's do a log of your phone to see why you are experiencing this behavior. I've never heard of the audio fading in and out like that before.

    If you're OK with us logging your phone to diagnose this, please respond here and I'll send you a PM with instructions.

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