6z camera is worse than 5z after updates(w/ proof)

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@Anders_ASUS hey

There has been a lot of complaints about camera performance lately and gcam is also not supported right now , worst of them all stock camera performance has reduced with updates!! If lot of people are complaining about cameras at the same time , there must be a reason right?

I'm an ex-5z user and upgraded to 6z hoping for better results , but its worse...

I know that asus is not google and comparing with google is unfair , you yourself had told us that . But what about comparing with your own phones? I compared to last year's zenfone 5z with the 6z and results aren't even comparable in lowlight , even in daylight 5z seems to have better colors and exposure control...

Don't trust me? I've attached documents of different conditions..

Lowlight comparisons were done with night mode in 6z and auto mode in 5z , i used night mode in 6z since it doesn't have ois and 5z might get an unfair advantage... But night mode is supposed to compensate for ois right? U guys yourself have told that in an old post..

See the results for yourself.. comparison done with your own previous year phone and not with any expensive flagship or pixel , for reference 5z is selling for half the price of 6z now for 128gb variant..

See the attached docs and do the needful , dont vanish on me :P




  • @Anders_ASUS u gotta see it

  • I have been saying this along I have bought asus rog 2 512 thats not some value for money its 900 USD phone. Expecting a good quality is not at all out of realm !! I hope asus takes this into account and improves the camera algorithms

  • Come on Asus, this phone has some many things done right, but your main selling point is downgraded so much that just doens't make sense.

  • Yup... Camera performance has been degraded now.

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    5Z has better lowlightning sensor than 6Z 6Z is juzz an 10% performance upgrade than 5Z else i think 5Z is really. Redefining flagship m 5Z user and frm the day i have purchased not even a single issue faced in every aspect frm software n hardwRe both 5Z is amazing with everythng i love my 5Z which cn easily hit back on 6Z even OIS is ❤️?? n i cn say ASUS should do justice with the 5Z sensor as it is capable to click detailed lowlight than 6Z as beta testing in process i suggest asus take ur time to release but give us dedicated nightmode as a JUSTICE TO CAPABLE SENSOR ? in android 10

  • After the update Asus 6z camera has become so bad. Trust me some low budget phones can even take better low light shots than the current miserable state of 6z. Night mode has become a joke. Day light shots also have the same story. I can't even see any differences on hdr off, hdr auto and hdr++. Exposure control is so pathetic . Please improve the quality and please make it fast .

    Its my third phone from Asus. Don't let me down ..

    From a big Asus fan

  • So true for the price atleast give us the quality..

  • I didn't believe these rumours maybe because I rarely do any other photograph than some papers but OP has a point. The difference is massive.

  • Thanks for all the support guys :) , hope ASUS listens to our feedback and starts fixing the issues , it's in a very miserable state as of now...

    I have also noticed pink tint when taking photos with the portrait mode

    Hope asus can look into this too and hdr++ is completely brocken as of now doesn't work properly , really disappointment tbh , stock cam bad , no gcam support , we are really out of options right now...

    Please save us from this doom ASUS

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    Thanks for sharing these pictures, hopefully they will help ASUS' staff understand that quality isn't as good as they (and some users) think it is.

    My previous phone, from 2016, had less modes but other than the resolution, quality is more or less the same in not-that-perfect light conditions. With GCam not working on ASUS' Android 10 update, I had to downgrade to Android 9.

    I hope that everyone working on the camera doesn't take all these posts as an attack on their work and become defensive. It's just that at the moment, real life usage isn't that good.

  • Night shots was not good in 6z from starting.. Now day light performance has gone so below that you can notice just after the click.. That magic of hdr ++ has gone.. Still i have no problem if this can be fixed by update.. But i m afraid they are very slow on updates. This is my first phone from asus and I feel asus is very good in making good phone but their software always keeps them down...

  • I invite you to join in the discussion and feedback of this thread

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    @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS mods look at the pics and take some steps. We atleast need the camera quality which was on version .189 on pie. If u can't improve on And10, atleast bring that quality back. We don't expect anything more. It's now shameful to show someone pics taken in 6z. Please do something.

    The Hdr++ is broken now in 6z. Night site was always bad in 6z, and now daylight pics have become horrible. If zoomed u can see how much noise in it. 5z cam is even working better than 6z right now. The starting Variant.was 32k when i bought. Atleast do something to provide us a good quality photo worth spending 32k. If this continues, I surely have to sell this device and move to another brand.

  • @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS please check the image comparison given here.

    Please forward our concerns to the dev team!!!

  • And please dont ruin camera quality of our 5z to please 6z fans. Improve 6z camera quality instead. You are not giving any bonus features for 5z cameras with A10, atleast please preserve %Z camera quality

  • I agree that the low light camera quality is useless even though i only have had the 6z for 3 months now... My Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) litterally has a better camera in low light than the 6z... And the A5 doesnt even have a nightmode... This is probably the worst thing about the 6z, litterally everything else on this phone is flagship good for the price...

  • Camera performance has been degraded now

  • At least check what is preventing Gcam from working on Android 10.

    It was amazing, mainly on Night Mode. Now, we have bad quality on stock app and no Gcam support at all. All versions, except one, hangs on HDR processing. The one that doesn't hang has really bad quality also. Something not right here.

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