ROG Phone 2 needs to improve // security Quick Settings Tiles

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I'm using latest software WW_16.0631.1910.35 and I'm concerned about security.

While phone is locked someone can still access to Quick Settings Tiles and TURN OFF our Mobile Data and WiFi or TURN ON Airplane mode!

It shouldn't be like this, right?


  • This is common behavior in most of the phones and not just ASUS ROG. Also, anyone can power off the phone when it is locked by long press power button.

  • Sure, long press of power off button also can turn off the phone

    But I've also first ROG Phone (ZS600KL) and on Android 8.1 this issue doesn't occur.

  • Do you mean ROG phone I will not provide access to quick setting when it is locked? If yes, then the same level of security feature must be implemented in ROG phone II as well.

  • You can see all settings and long press Power button but choosing Power off, WiFi/Mobile off or Airplane On turns on lock screen password/fingerprint confirmation request.

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    That's a welcome feature. @LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS , Could some one explain why we do not have this feature in ROG phone 2 when we have it in ROG phone 1.

    I could see password confirmation to turn ON/OFF the mobile data on ROG 2. Whereas, it is not asking password confirmation to Turn ON/OFF the WIFI, Airplane mode from quick settings and to power off the phone when it is locked.

    I suggest to keep all the features you had in your old devices should continue with new devices as well.

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    This is stock android behaviour. A pixel phone will also allow you to toggle these settings. It's a security VS convenience thing and the truth is that there really isn't much of a security risk. This is why Google decided to let the user toggle these settings. But... we are discussing internally if we should change this behaviour because it's not consistent. We find it weird that Google didn't want you to toggle mobile data but found it ok for you (or a thief) to toggle Airplane mode, or even turn the phone off.

    But the bottom line is that there's no real security risk. As soon as the phone is connected to a network or WiFi, it will give you its position and the thief can't wipe the phone without rendering it useless. It's fully protected with your Google account

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