AirTrigger sliding movements

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Please hear the developers. How AirTrigger should work in slip mode.

1) The user presses the AirTrigger and without releasing the finger selects the desired position on the line of action. With all this, there are no simulations of clicking on the screen. The only recharge option on the AirTrigger line of action.

2) Having selected the desired position on the AirTrigger action line, the user releases his finger from the AirTrigger, and at this moment the screen is simulated.

That is, the simulation of pressing the screen occurs only once, when the user removes his finger with AirTrigger!

Gentlemen developers hear the players and users of this phone.

I apologize in advance for the poor English. Wrote using a Google translator.

Thank you all for your attention.


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    I'm sorry but something was lost in the translation. I can't make out what you want from the sliding Air Trigger? I'm not even sure if you know what it's supposed to do?

    It would be really helpful if you can find a friend that knows english that can help you so I can understand and give a proper reply


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    Sounds like he wants the sliding gesture to simulate a tap on the screen according to how far a slide gesture is performed. Perhaps a contextual menu pops up with an indication of how far along your finger has been dragged on the AirTrigger and when you release the AirTrigger, the action is performed. It sounds like a convoluted way to say that a slide towards the left performs a different action than a slide to the right on a single AirTrigger

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