Phone killing background services, accessibility services and ongoing notifications

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I've had my ZenFone 6 for a few months now and it's quite nice, but I've had persistent issues with things being killed in the background. In particular:

  • I use an app that relies on an accessibility service to detect whether another app is foregrounded. After a while, this app stops working. Android still indicates that the accessibility service is on, but the app says the accessibility service is off. I have to restart the accessibility service to enable the app that relies on it to work again, until it dies again.
  • Apps that should be always on, like my Simple Scrobbler, stop working after a while, presumably due to their background service being killed. My last phone didn't do this for apps with background services, and I doubt it's a memory issue.
  • Some ongoing notifications simply do not appear, like the one of Strava. Unlike on other phones, Strava does not place an ongoing notification in my Zenfone status bar when I activate the recording mode. However, not all ongoing notifications are affected by this - the Phonograph music player's ongoing notification does work.

I read on this forum that it might be an issue with the auto-start manager, which I didn't know about before (it's very well hidden in the menus) but enabling auto-start for the problem apps (and restarting the phone) doesn't seem to fix the notification issue at least. As for the other two issues, I guess I'll have to wait a while to see if these things get killed again.

Any other ideas on what might be causing these issues?


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