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its been a 3 days I'm facing the issue of slow charge. at first i thought it was a temporary problem. will gwt solved after restarting the device or keeping the device off for few minutes. but no, it didn't work out. then i tried other methods described by the asus mods or devs. I'm using the original adopter and cable came inside the box. stopped all the background apps, kept on airplane mode even switched off the phone but no change in the charging speed. and now I'm getting irritated with the asus. i used to recommend the asus devices to my friends and relatives. but i won't anymore due to so bad service. please solve this shit ASAP if you want to keep it a honored brand in the today's world. @Kris_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS please reply and give a promise to solve this ASAP.



  • Probably a bad cable. It's very common that they wear out. Buy a new or borrow another one and see if it fast charges. Also make sure battery care isn't enabled

  • You will of course get a new cable from ASUS if you're still within warranty but you have to make sure that it really is the cable first. And you have to use our charger

  • @Anders_ASUS Changed the cable already although its not in warranty. and using the original cable and adapter came in box. but nothing working. and its not only my issue, many of users are facing this problem. its a bug came with the update. some got after update and some are getting it few days later. ask your dev team to check and make a update to fix it. It's really annoying.

  • What new update on what phone? What device are you using and what firmware version are you on?

  • Device Asus zenfone 5z and the firmware WW_ZS620KL_90.11.162.98_20190816

    Improvements in update:

    1.Update security patch to 2019-08

    2.Fix friDay wallet balance can't display issue

    3.Improve sound quality

    Now please check this shit and resolve this problem

  • Please consider how you phrase a request. I understand you are frustrated but you didn't provide any information to let us help you before this post.

    The 5Z Beta for Android Q is currently underway and the software team is fully focused on pushing that to the public. If your fast charging issue persists after Android Q is released publicly then we will revisit it.

  • approximately how much time will it take to receive Android Q or Android 10 update? any idea. 10 days or 20 days?

  • Once we beta testers cull out all the bugs and asus improves it only then u will get the final build. It will be very well before 2019 end. Be patient. It is not easy job to just type on keyboard and post updates, it takes time. PLease mind your language while posting.

  • look to the mods attitude guys. He's saying me to mind my language even i didn't said anything like that. and we bought your device worth Rs. 30K. You didn't gifted that. we have right to know about each and everything and we have right to post about our problemsand your duty is telling us the solution. Not showing the attitude that you guys are moderators.

  • there are some improper words used in last line of your post he just responded that. Also mods will give you reply only on things they know. Many times company policy is not to disclose certain things till they are in final stage. they released final pie update today and Q/zenui6 beta is already released. please be patient and also approach asus on twitter if you dont get response here. peace

  • I accept that i used the word shit and i apologize for that but being a user and spending Rs.30K on a device is a big thing and facing a problem and after not getting solution or any info anyone will get aggressive. and slow charging is issue known almost a month ago on the older zentalk discussion form. slowly every user is getting this slow charge prob. its obvious to get angry if we didn't get solution to the prob after spending a big amount on a mobile thinking its a flagship by the company and afterwards it doesn't get that much attention.

  • and i also registered for the Android Q final beta tester, still no response from company end. no email or no update

  • Thank you for the apology. I understand that you're frustrated but lets treat each other with respect. ;)

    If you haven't heard back about the Android Q Beta you were not selected, we had too many applicants for this round of testing. Thank you for your interest.

    I realize that your phone is charging more slowly than normal and that you believe that it is a software related issue. As soon as we have the resources to address the issue after the Beta is complete, please update this thread or ping me and we will revisit this issue. I don't have a solution to offer at this time.

  • for slow charging i may suggest 2 solutions that worked for my friend. Ofcourse check ur cable first as it may degrade with time. Also try some other cable that supports fast charge and check just to be sure. Then try one of following 2

    1) while charging remove and insert the usb C cable once or twice


    2)Charge the device while switched off once and try rebooting after charge is complete

    If both doesnt work, there may be some problem with your USB C port. Hope this helps

  • They handed out beta to selected users, maybe you are not selected. Tough luck mate. but stable Q will be out soon so you dont need to wait much

  • hope that... waiting for the any update, that may solve the issue

  • Hi I have the same issue. ASUS zenfone6 2019. After the android q update 1 day ago Fast charging has stopped working. It is not a hardware issue. I have also tried factory reboot. This seems to be a common issue with ASUS devices and updates. Could you please fix this.

  • Cancel that, fast charging works with the original cable. It seems the Q update has changed it to insist on the original cable.

  • I'm facing the same problem first i thought it was cable issue since the latest update its happening please asus see into the matter as soon as possible!

  • It's not a bad cable ! Same on my phone after update I feel same as this guy fix it or your loose customers

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